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{November 30, 2017}   Ministry building project 

Progress, after day 8 on the 16×16 building project for Harvey Assembly of God  (A/G) Parsonage.

{October 31, 2017}   Happy Halloween 

{October 30, 2017}   I am getting better

Please keep praying for healing for me.

Day 2 of feeling better
The “me” vlog

{October 25, 2017}   In hospital 

Getting needed care. 

Last’s night service.

{August 24, 2017}   Our New YouTube channel 

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{June 8, 2017}   Times Are Changing

Times Are Changing

Wednesday, June 7, 2017,        11:40 AM

by Gwenn Peery, Public Affairs Rep & Broadcast Engineer at Peery Ministry

In today’s world, we face many more new things and more changes.  Such as smart watches etcetera and traveling sports leagues.  Local leagues are no longer being seasonal; they last year around.  We have been raised with the motto, ‘keep your children busy keeps them off the street’.  There was a time when the 10 o’clock news would ask adults, “Do you know where your children are?”.  I remember adults talking about ways to keep children occupied so they couldn’t wander around and get themselves into trouble.  Boredom can cause restless children to do dumb things.  This new generation of young adults has made it possible to keep our kids involved in something that not only allows them fun playtime, but helps them develop skill, technique, responsibility, friendship, and confidence.  They learn to compete in a friendly way.  Some will continue their hobby into high school, college, and some go pro.  Some sports participants will earn grants and scholarships to help them with college expense.  So how can we adapt to meet the needs of this younger generation both parents and children?


We need spiritual and physical food.  Spiritual food to keep our spirit strong and physical food to keep our body strong.  Yes, on the internet there are many popular sites of written, audible, and video lessons, devotions, and sermons for them to read and watch.  What about their local “home” church?  If they are away a lot, they will eventually feel disconnected.  Why do some people complain of their absence?  I tell you, we have NO NEED to COMPLAIN!  As Christians, we should understand their need and assist them in ways we can.  God loves them just as he loves those who attend faithfully.  I also point out that some who attend faithfully are not right with the Lord, but have been blinded to think they are.  They tend to judge and complain of those who are absent.  Anyway, a true believer should not judge to condemn, but judge their fruits to either acknowledge God’s glory or to offer correction in love.


As a minister and a Pastor’s wife, God has laid it on my heart to help this new generation feel connected to their local “HOME” church while traveling for any reason.  Broadcasting.  It may not be of “T.V.” quality, but it helps people remain connected.  It allows them to see what was missed and hear the message given.  God can use Broadcast Ministry/Social Ministry to help HIS people grow.  But some argue, “they don’t get involved”.  No, not if you are going to condemn them, they won’t.  But if you help them to feel accepted and loved when they are around, you might find them participate more often when schedules permit them to.


What about obeying God in giving tithe?  Well, if these traveling families are loved and accepted in their local church, then it is easier for them to give to their local church either by US Mail or online.  If this younger generation is made to feel as an outcast at their local church, they can still obey God and give to any ministry or church that God is using to reach them.  Traveling families who are saved by Jesus will still have a relationship with Christ if they are reading His Word and seeking Him.  Which is why I answered God’s call to broadcast Reverend Ralph Peery and anyone God brings to us like missionaries and evangelists.  We offer online giving and we give the money that comes in this way to the church God has brought us to as agreed upon.  I will tell you, money in this way is very rare and often $0 comes in for a given month.  But in 2016, we did have some give, and we gave it to the church as agreed, we have records of this.  Anyway, as we search for a church.  Any money that comes in online or to us by US mail will be broken into benevolence, missions, travel, and to help in ways God directs us.


We love everyone, the old generation, the new generation, and the generation yet to mature.  Our hearts are in the state of serving God to strengthen the body through HIS Word.  We don’t like to see God’s children being blinded by satan so, we will point out sin in a loving and friendly way.   Some will not be happy with us because they want to live in a blinded state, our hearts break for them because judgment day is coming.  Some will accept correction and make changes and grow closer to the Lord.   Some Christians will find out somehow of both mentioned, but what boggles me is when Christians, who claim to be true and right with God, get upset with us correcting God’s children as guided and directed by God.


So, in this ever so changing world, I plead with the older generation to love and accept the changes going on and changes to come.  Don’t outcast the younger generation because you don’t understand.  Make allowances, as long as God’s Word is being spoken, taught, and accepted it should not matter the form in which is was delivered, whether in person or online.  Online is replacing CDs,  as CDs replaced cassettes.  I think it is great when a church can offer both traditional and contemporary services, but not every church has the resources. What I mean by resources is the people.  Yes, the pastor will speak at both, but musicians and singers, that is a key factor to the differences in traditional and contemporary.  Why fault the Pastor and his wife for the lack of these abilities?  You shouldn’t.  Stay with a right heart and enjoy what God brings to you.  May we all be worthy of entering the Pearly Gates when our time comes or when The Time Comes.

{May 26, 2017}   Soul sick, hurtin’…?

It’s never to late or too early to begin a new life.  A life where genuine peace, joy and strength can be found.  Have you ever messed up and wished for a do over?  Through Christ, you can have a do over, be reborn into a new man or woman. Through Him you will receive forgiveness.  Seek Him, doors will open. You are important to God as oxygen is to a body. -Gwenn Peery

​”Church attendance is as vital to a disciple as a transfusion of rich, healthy blood to a sick man.” – DL Moody

“I wonder if the feelings of spiritual anemia come from our lack of connection to the body of Christ. If you feel weak, tired, or soul sick, and you aren’t embedded in a faith community, this may be the reason why. Make a change this Sunday!” – Zack Searcy

There is a church within driving distance from you, if you look and pray, God will lead you to one. – Gwenn Peery

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