Stay Cool! God Bless

{May 29, 2006}   Summer is definately here.
Darrell and I are still apart, still married.  Yes he has filed for divorce, and I have filed my response, but we are still married.  Go figure.   GOD is in control!!!  Keep praying for our faimily, our marriage.  I am open to allowing GOD"s will.  It TRUELY will be a miracle on GOD’s part for our relationship to begin the healing process.  Darrell is living with his girlfriend.  He moved in with her at the end of March 2006.  Yes, the same girl I found out about on Aug 28, when I used the cell phone, and when confronted he requested a divorce. 
The boys are with him now for a few weeks, for their summer visit.  I miss them, but I was fighting a cold so the first week, I slept alot.  The first weekend, this weekend, Memorial Day weekend, I have worked in the house, and outside.  Oh, I slept alot too.  I painted, mowed, planted, raked, and cleaned.  YEAH!  right, not.
I am working now.  It is nice, I pray that it turns out to be something I can count on.
Well thats that for now.
LNYHBT (if you want to know what this means, send me a message.)

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