Stay Cool! God Bless

{August 22, 2006}   The whole gang back in school!
The boys have been back in school for 10 days now.  Matt really seems to like it.  Chris is enjoying being back with his friends and learning something new.  Matt received his spiderman costume for his birthday from big bro and myself.  He loves it.  I hope he doesn’t wear it out before Halloween.  I begin class Sept 4th, yeah.
Guess what, Darrell told me today that he was back in school.  That is awesome.  I have always encouraged him to go back and finish, but he always commented that he was not ready.  I gather from our conversation that he started in late July.  Well with me being online and him going to a physical location, we could have balanced out our home life and both of us still go to college.  To bad this couldn’t have been the case in 2005, maybe he would have been to busy with homework to walk out on us.
I miss him.  The door is still open for now.  I can only pray and hope that he will change his mind about the divorce.  He is so stubborn sometimes, but I pray that GOD can move in his heart as to allow the healing process for our marriage to begin.

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