Stay Cool! God Bless

I had to uninstall that MSN Windows Live Messenger update and crap.  It messed up my pc.  I know it was that, because nothing else was installed and it worked fine prior to the install.  Now that is has been removed, my system is running good.  So far so good. 
I have the Windows Messenger in use, you know the simple one that comes with the Operating System.  You will be able to chat with me like at via simple chat.  My ID is  
You know Yahoo allows communication with MSN Windows Live Messenger just fine.  To add me it is or my yahoo id is mcelwee2005, so anyway hope to see you online. 
Love you Kymm, Libbi, and everyone.  Tina you too!

{January 14, 2007}   messenger live update …duh…lol
I just added the messender live back.  Windows Messenger was no longer supported for the plug-ins.  DARN! @@@@@….. This thing better not mess up my pc. 
Anyway, we all made it without going stir crazy!  Yeah!!!  For those of who are not aware, we are iced in today. 
g…out… later gater!

{January 13, 2007}   Iced IN!!!! :-}
We are iced in today.  This weather started yesterday.  It seems to be lasting a few days.  Lots of time to update things here on the net.  I posted a list of songs.  Check them out.
Don’t forget my other blog at!
I removed Messenger Live and IE 7, causing to many problems.  Had to reset my system.  I can’t afford that, now that I am back in college.  All you MSN chat pals look for me at Yahoo Messenger, okay.
Oh yeah, new photos at  What do you think?
Hope to hear from you all.

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