Stay Cool! God Bless

{February 11, 2007}   Our Visit to the Salon
I have so much to say, but I can’t share everything all at once.  No one likes to read a long story, right?  LOL
The boys are wonderful, both are big flirts.  Today, we were in Whachamacallit for our monthly haircuts.  Both had the women eating out of thier hands.   For a while anyway, then their true colors come out.  Matt is loud and busy, and Chris is annoying.  I think everyone was happy when we left.  Haaahaaha
Amii, you look great.  Thanks for being a wonderful stylists. 
Chris, I think behaved the way he did because there was another teen that caught his eye.  He can be annoying when he thinks he is being cool.  But aren’t all men?  LOL  grrrrrr.
I remember Darrell being like that, but I liked it.  I guess there wasn’t much about Darrell that I didn’t like.  Well that part of my life is over.  I will continue to pray about God’s will and purpose for me and my two boys, but Darrell doesn’t seem to want to lay down his life for God’s will to be done.  He wants his own will to be done.
All of us are making great grades in school.  The baseball schedule has been released and Chris will have another band residal before the end of the year.
Matt is about to graduate into the Royal Rangers category at church on Wednesday nights.  Pete says, "I am ready for him.  I don’t think Matt is ready for me."
Chris has joined the drama team with the youth.  The adults have a drama team too, but I am to chicken.  Matt is in the Jr. Kids group on Sunday mornings and they do all kinds of stuff.
Well this ended up to be more than you bargined for, hunh?  More than a visit to the salon aye?
Sorry. 🙂

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