Stay Cool! God Bless

{February 24, 2007}   The Wind is Strong Today

This is a Valentine Card Matt made me at school, awe! For those of you who would have wanted a school photo, I didn’t buy any the first time, but will hopefully be able to buy them the second time around. I never buy them the first time around anyway. Plus money has been tight. The photo Matt has here was the courteous copy.

When he first started school, he would only use one color. He would just scribble. Later he would color in the lines, sometimes ending up scribbling over it anyway, but with one color. Now look at him. He has a great teacher, she is very patient not only with Matt, but with all the children. Matt has not only improved with his homework, but at writing his name too.  I wish I had added work from earlier in the year, but I didn’t.

Chris is doing well. He has costed me a fortune in School Fees with Band alone. This week another $49, oh well he is worth it. He will be turning 14 soon and has a big party planned with his father. They will have a sleep over at a hotel for all the boys to swim and hang out on Friday. Saturday a cookout with cake and ice-cream and open presents. Followed by paintball fun, later ending at the skating ring. WOW! Another sleep over Saturday night. Sunday, I will hopefully be able to treat the boys to pizza for lunch and the party is officially over after that.

Well, this divorce is not God’s choice or original intent for our family, but the perks for the children are out of this world. Darrell goes way out to make up for not being here on a daily basis. I am glad he can do this, because financially he has left me in a drawning state, but with all of your prayers and MY Faith, God will pull us through.



G says:

I guess this is an area MSN Live Spaces out does Yahoo! 360.  I was able to make one blog and share multiple images verses having to make 4 separate blogs sharing one image at a time.  PS:  IF YOU CLICK ON THE IMAGE IT WILL ZOOM IN ON IMAGE IN SEPARATE WINDOW.

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