Stay Cool! God Bless

I am going to start an online bible study group for those who hang out online for one reason or another.  My reasons for being online, it helps keep me out of trouble, I attend classes online through the University I attend, and considering everyone is embarassed of their home chores not being upto par or afraid of bad impressions, I do not get invited to my friends homes anymore. 
A few of them have distance themselves since my divorce was granted.  I am losing weight and still taking care of me preparing to re-enter the singles’ world.  For what ever reason they do not have me over, I still consider them my friends.  I have often wanted to start a couples bible study group, but now that my husband is gone an online bible study group will have to do.   There are several reason as to why a person sits in front of a computer.  The net can be a bad place or a good place depending on how it is used.  Just like in the real world there are several types of individuals and styles of living.  I choose to live for my savior, Jesus Christ.  I have often blogged and it has been a good way to vent.  Now I want to use it to share His word and different testimonies to reach those lost on the net or to bring comfort for those surfing for info.
I will start categorizing my blogs, and this online bible study group will be "g’s Bible Study."
I am not saying I am perfect, I am NOT by no means, nor am I saying I know all because I do NOT.  I will pray for discernment prior to each post.  I would encourage you to do the same before you post a comment to these blogs.  Fill free to give your view point.
I am reading this book that my Pastor gave me and I thought, "Why not use it to start an online discussion."  So here I am writing this blog in hopes that if you have read this book, you will share your view point and knowledge, and if you have not read it then maybe you will.
The Book is shown in my book list in the column on my page, "The Storehouse Principle, A Revolutionary God Idea for Creating Extraordinary Financial Stability."
Please start posting your thoughts on Chapter 1, "A Revolutionary God Idea", in a week I will post my thought.

{March 10, 2007}   My Little Guys Work
Matt is doing so well in school, I had to take a few minutes to brag on him.
Both Chris and Matt are doing Great!
My favorite is the Ladybug Garden.  Why?  Because he had to draw the scene and the characters, animals all by hisself.

{March 1, 2007}   My Hobbies
Hanging out with my boys

Watching movies, working in the yard, going to church, school events, and community functions.


Hardware, Software, & Satellite Communication


Mainly, I love to through things together.  I can use a recipe.


Clubs & Ballroom, I used to take lessons, but I can’t remember a thing now. LOL  I recently learned to country dance this past year during the Altus AFB 2006 Air Show.  I was one of the ladies in the hospitality crew.  There was someone off the helicopter what was here who was stationed in Enid, OK at the time.  He was an awesome dancer and well made me …..anyway.

I would like to try Swing Dancing,  the "charleston"  not sure really, but it is different from ballroom dancing.  Anyway, that is what I was told.  NOT the "swing" some pervs think of.

Online Chatting and Blogging

Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Live Messenger, not really a surfer.  I do surf the net usually for a purpose, like a paper or researching a topic or something that I am currently working on and need to find more material.

Photography and Video taping

Taking or recording and even editing either or.  Even stream lining either or.

et cetera