Stay Cool! God Bless

{May 20, 2007}   Chapter 3

   I read this chapter about 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I have re-read it to ensure I understood it.  In summary it speaks of how God is El Shaddai.  The word El Shaddai is not use in this chapter, not sure about the book, but El Shaddai means God Almighty, The Almighty One, and The Lord is more than enough.  That is so true and so comforting.  Don’t get me wrong, we all have different amounts and we have according to His Will and His Plan.  I know that if I am obedient and faithful to Him then I will have no need to worry about the things of this world.  I may not worry about what I have and don’t have, but when a repair is needed to the home or my car wreck, May 9, 07, I tend to worry momentarily.  Meaning the worry passes once I turn to HIM in prayer, and I seek His word.  The worry is gone.  Now if I can apply this to my personal life then I would be doing great.

   For the first time in 15 plus years, I have gotten a different message from the Lord concerning my ex-husband and my marriage.  It is hard to grasp, but in the last 2 to 2 1/2 weeks, I have gotten a new message when I read His word.  It is as if God is telling me that there will be no reconciliation this time.  Then I worry, is this me because of me and my own thoughts or is this from God himself.  Friday a new good friend, Jase, said something to me that confirmed how I was interpreting a book in the bible.  Today at church, Pastor said something to confirm it too.

   Pastor went on to say that if we can learn to like the person God created, then others will like us and want to be around us.  Hmmmm. Anyway back to the chapter at hand.  God does and will provide all things even when it comes to money.  We MUST ALWAYS BE OBEDIENTANT first and foremost, putting our own selfish desires aside.  Being patient and storing up.

   This chapter speaks of water, and how God made so much of it.  Why did He make so much?  He can make more water by simply commanding it…hmmm.  Basically God has stored up water across the earth in the deepest part of the oceans.  If He cared about storing up water, then should we be concerned about storing up what we need for when we need it, like money?  We are to do as He does.  In away this means a lot to me right now.  I have be holding on to my tax return money.  I have had a few people in my life tell me to buy this to buy that.  I continued to hold on to it.  Now after my car accident, the money was there for a down payment on a new card.  One day the money will be there for me to buy a car right out with out the financing, but this will allow me to begin the rebuilding of my name.  Not just financially, but emotionally. 

    I have never been the type of person to care if I spent time alone, but lately I have let it bother me.  I realized just now that I need to allow God to fill that void in my heart and learn what it is I need to learn.  We as Christians experience so many trying times and God has walked, carried us through them all.  God will not forsake us, He is El Shaddai. 

   When God created this world this universe, He thought of everything, including the right person for each of us.  I once thought Darrell was the right person.  In fact I know He was, but due to choices Darrell has made, God has something new for me.  We all suffer or benefit from choices we make.  If we are seeking after Him and listening by spending time in His word, then many blessing are given rather then pain and suffering.  We can not make choices for others, nor does God hold us responsible for someone else’s choice.  The Judge signed the divorce papers May 7, 2007.  I received my papers May 16 or 17, 2007 and I felt liberated.  I can’t explain, but at night when I long to be cuddled or when the toilet was leaking I could use a man in the house, I miss Darrell, but that is for the wrong reasonMy heart no longer belongs to Darrell; in fact my heart aches for what it can not have.  To be in Heaven NOW.  I would not be stating the truth if I do not state that God has allowed a person to cross my path revealing to me that the things I hope for are still possible.  This person is a youth pastor at a church in OKC and likes the same music I like.  The same music my ex-husband used to give me a hard time about.  That is way cool that this person likes simuliar things I like.  I don’t want to tell him in fear that he will think I am making it up.  Talking to him is a rare thing and there is not much time to talk about everything.  In time.  God’s timing. 

   I want to leave you with what I feel is most important.  Our goal as Christians is to live debt free.  We must be the one who is willing to store up our earnings and not spend it frivolously and when God calls on us to give, give accordingly.  We must use our earnings as if it belongs to HIM, because truthfully it does.   If we are faithful, He IS ALWAYS Faithful.  Trust in HIM.

Truthfully, even when we are not faithful, HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL!


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