Stay Cool! God Bless

{June 21, 2007}   More of Storm Effects
As I drove to work this morning I saw signs blowed down. WOW.  After work, I took a picture to show you all. 
Yesterday as we drove around town there was so much damage, but I would say about 75% has been cleaned up.  Not much left to take a photo of.
This little town we live in sure does pull together to help get everything put back in order.

{June 20, 2007}   Last Night’s Storm

     Along with others in my area, the storm in the middle of the night woke a lot of us up and those that were a wake, it keep them a wake.  From 1 am to 4 am, we experienced hail, rain, lightening and strong winds.  About 2 ish, I thought I better put my car in the garage.  Just as I was about to pull forward, part of a tree fell 2 feet in front of me.  Chris and Matt were up of course and were in the garage making sure nothing was in the way for me to park.  I gave up and moved the car away from the house.  I then ran back in.  Within a minutes time frame, I was drinched. 

     We stood in the garage for a few minutes watching the storm.  Chris said, "Mom, I thought it hit you."  I was going to try and move the tree out of the way, but the hail and all.  I told him not to worry.  It was for the best. If I had parked it in the garage, I would not have been able to get the car out.  We all turned in about 3;30 am ish, the storm was dieing down, but not gone.

     I was woken up by a phone call from my supervisor about 8:30 am.  I stayed home to clean up the mess.  I didn’t wake Chris up until about 10:30 am, I wanted to do what I could on my own.  For a young man, he does have some muscels and helps out a lot, but I told him to eat breakfast or should I say brunch.  Anyway after lunch, both the boys came out to help me in the yard, 1:30 pm or so.  They were dragging limbs to the side of the road.  We have not finished picking up all the debree, but by the evening.  Chris climbed up on top of the house to see if he could pick up the limb and throw it off the roof.  No Go.  So later, he jumped back up there, determined like his mother. 🙂 He began sawing into peaces using a hand saw.  You know that hurt.  I told him not to worry about it.  He kept on.  He had done alot by the time God answered our prayers.  He had cut that big limb into like 4 pieces and threw off the roof.  I was praying hard by this point.  I knew we needed a chain saw, but I couldn’t just go out and buy one.  My neighbor, who usually helps out, was not around.  It seems as if all the neighbors were gone. 

     We stayed home from church, not something we do normally, but considering the events at hand and on top of all this, I have to study for a final exam.  YIKES!  Well, by 7:30 pm, some friends in town drove by and saw Chris on the roof top sawing away by hand this huge limb.  They were leaving the Wednesday night service from the First Baptist Church here in Duke.  The husband stopped and rang the door bell.  He asked if he could help Chris.  I was like, "yes, please."  He said had a chain saw.  I was like, THANK YOU LORD!  I pray many blessing to bestowed on this couple for their concern and help.  Anyway, he showed Chris how to use a chain saw, and Chris got to do the cutting.  They both cut that limb into about 12 big sizes before it was off the house.  It took them about 30 minutes. 

GOD IS GREAT, HE IS El Shaddai!!!!!

{June 8, 2007}   Chapter 4

(8 Jun 07)  This was an interesting chapter.  I enjoyed reading this chapter because I could relate to Pastor Jandl’s experience with Carlos Ortiz.  God does place people in our path, if for no other reason except to allow His will to be done.  I will write more later.  I am upset, I just came across some upsetting news

(16 Jun 07 well actually 17 Jun 07 wee hours in the morning)  I am sorry for the delay.  Last weekend, I was informed of my ex getting remarried.  I surprised myself, with my own reaction.  

The way Mr. Ortiz popped in and out of Mr. Jandl’s life is similar to a few experiences I have had.  More tomorrow it is late. Ouch late.

(17 June 07)  God has place several in my path to meet a need I had….never to hear from them again.  I am lucky to have some contact with one special family, the Lamb’s in Aiken, SC.  Both Deborah and Joseph and their daughter Liz (Elizabeth) were and are a blessing to my oldest son and myself.  

In this chapter, a television station was going to be built in the area of where Jandl’s ministry was located.  He did not fathom buying or building a television station.  He did not have the funds to do something like this.  But this story goes to show that when GOD wants something to be done, he will place individuals in the path of the righteous to help them in their endeavors.  To be continued… time to leave for church.  I do apologize for all the distractions.

Okay I am back, again I apologize.  In this chapter God gave way to an opportunity to put this pastor on television.  It was odd how this Mr. Ortiz came in out of no where, and if Pastor Jandl acted on fear verses faith and trust.  He would not have all the free air time he was given. Within one year of being obedient to GOD and listening to the Holy Spirit.  Not only did he acquire free air time, but funds in an account he created for the church.  By the end of the chapter, he states that he has never had to use those funds.  AMAZING!!!  I wonder what he is doing today.  This book was written, published in 2004.

I can relate because there was a time in my life the door opened for me to enter into college.  I did not have the funds, nor a car, or the money for a sitter to watch my child.  But all the women in my study group prayed for months, in the mean time I filled out paperwork only to discover the Pell Grant would not be enough to cover the cost and I was afraid to go into debt with student loans.  My job history was not …well I was frightened.  Just as I was about to give up, another door opened.  I was advised in taking a 3 day examination, it was 6 to 8 hours each day for this exam to be ministered, but if I passed, then I could have all expenses paid for college: tuition, books, clothes, help with electric and rent, and child care.  WOW!  The pressure was on.  I told Deborah Lamb (Oma) that I didn’t think it was good.  She asked why.  I told her my concerns of getting to school and back.  This deal mentioned everything except a car.  Darrell and I were apart and he had taken the car leaving me and our 7 month old son with out transportation.  Deborah encouraged me to take the test anyway out of faith.  I did.  On the form I was asked what career field I would like.  I initially chose Accounting.  Math has always been a strong point in education.  My teachers or one in particular, Mr. McGhee, were always telling me to become a Mathematician.  Anyway, the scores came in.  They said, “Gwenn, this examination shows your strongest area to be in several areas.  This is unusual.  We would like to give you all your options.  We would also like to encourage engineering.  You could be a great scientist one day.”  I have never heard those words again nor have I ever seen these people again, but I changed my career field and entered into college.  I graduated with dual degrees simultaneously, all along raising my son alone with the help of Christian people placed in my life, ‘My Christian family.’  Deborah drove me to and from college every day of the week except weekends.  She even watch Chris, until I could afford child care.  Even then she would help out with Chris.  I didn’t realize this until I came back to Oklahoma, but I receive a phone call asking me about returning to college and continuing my funds.  I was so distraut about my marriage and instead of acting on faith, I acted on my feelings and emotions.  I choice to not go back.  Darrell and I tried to mend our marriage.  Today, I find myself separated from Darrell again with a second child.  This time there is no hope for reconciliation, Darrell has gotten remarried, but I am in school again.  No exam, no funds, but thankfully there are student loans…lol.  I wish I would have stayed in SC and completed my PhD with that scholarship, but that was then and today is now.  GOD is still providing and the boys are great, work is awesome.   Most of all my boys and I love God and strive to live as God’s word says to.  My point is that when GOD opens doors, do not shut them by your lack of faith.

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