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{August 16, 2007}   Sex……..Marriage

I had this on my MySpace, but felt I should put it here today….Enjoy.


Ephesians 5:3 stirred thoughts I felt I should post.  I mixed my thoughts with a passage I read out of the bible.  
     Sex is good. God intended human beings to have relationships, and one type of relationship is sexual intimacy between a man and a woman.  Yet along with the gift of sex God has also provided guidelines for its expression.  God has done so because sex, like fire, can bring not only warmth and goodness, but also great destruction and pain if it is used outside of God’s guidelines.
     In most recent years we have experienced attacks to our nation, like the bombing in Oklahoma, the towers being brought down in New York, and flooding and fires across many states.  People don’t you see?  When the scriptures says, your children, your future generation will suffer for your inequities, it means that we may not see His wrath bestowed upon us, but the next generation may.  A cause along with many other causes is SIN.  There are all types of sin whether by thought or by action.
     The large number of illegitimate pregnancies, the worldwide plague of pornography, and the epidemic levels of sexually transmitted diseases provide ample evidence that something has gone terribly wrong. Disregard for the guidelines and boundaries God established for human sexuality has resulted in an enormous amount of pain and trauma in the world-lives that are shattered by broken relationships or diseased bodies, and hearts that are fragmented and hardened by "experience," unable to experience the deep intimacy with another which sexual purity makes possible.
     God’s word teaches that the boundary for a sexual relationship is the commitment of marriage.  According to God, sexual involvement outside marriage is immoral and wrong.  Within the covenant of marriage, however, we are free to experience the depth and richness of sexual intimacy without fear, shame, or disease.  This act however has boundaries even in marriage.  God intended this experience to be between ONE man and ONE woman.  When two people wait until marriage, they establish the respect and trust necessary for a dynamic and growing sexual relationship.  God’s desire is that we experience the kind of intimate sexual relationship for which we were created, one that is based not only on love but on commitment and the freedom of security.  Other scriptures to look up if interested:
Exod 20:14, Lev 20:10-21, Deut 27:20-23, Song 1:1, 8:1, 1 Cor 5:9-11, 6:9-20, 7:1-11, Heb 13:4, and Rev 21:8
     We, who live for GOD, have been set a part from all others to be His very own, through Jesus Christ. Leviticus 20:22-24, 26.


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