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{December 27, 2007}   My End of The Year Goal

Tonight, Dec 26, 1007, well actually it is the morning of Dec 27, 1:54 am as I sit here and recollect on my future.  I realize I have neglected the one thing I have always thought to be important, retirement.  It is all of life’s unexpected events that come in and destroy and ruin the plan or purpose behind the planning.  I stayed up late making a new plan, one that does not include my husband rather ex-husband.  My goal of paying off two small credit cards has now passed, and I failed.  One actually would have been paid off if my ex would have paid $174 as the Judge ordered him to do so.  Excuses, excuses from both him and my old attorney.  I thought about this, contemplated sending him a new copy of the statement back in June of this year, but considering the last few attempts at that time using certified mail failed, I didn’t want to waste money sending it again.  I prayed about it, coming to the conclusion to forgive the debt as scriptures say to do, not wanting to continue to stir the pot.  To my surprise my Ex stirs up a new pot the later part of July.  I ended up using that credit card for different things, and now I find myself with a balance of $280.  Uuuuaahh! My second card has a little more then that, approximately $630, I think.  Although I failed at meeting my goal, I don’t feel as if I am a failure.  Considering all that has come across my path, I see how God has blessed me in all areas of my life including financially.  I may not be wealthy as some might consider wealth, but I am wealthy in my relationship with Christ.   That my friend is the utmost important thing, all else is insubstantial.

I am still working on Chapter 14….sorry for the delay.


{December 21, 2007}   Merry Christmas!!!!
I have been so consumed with my new job, the holidays, my son’s school and church activities; I have not been blogging as I should.  My apologies!
I will work on the next chapter today and pray God will give me the words to write.
I do hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!!!!!!!

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