Stay Cool! God Bless

{January 1, 2008}   Chapter 14

You know, I have a confession to make.   I have never been much of a writer or reader, but for some reason I feel compelled to blog my thoughts on this book and the next book on the list.  I do not know if anyone is reading these blogs, but I will be faithful and write what I have in my heart about the matter.

The Storehouse Principle is more of a way of thinking, a ‘Storehouse Mentality.’  God calls us to show diligence in everything to include our money.  God does not call us to be lazy.  He wants us to remain faithful and patient to inherit what has been promised.  I believe you will find this in Hebrews 6:11-12.

This chapter is a recap on how we all need to be faithful in the little things.  This chapter discusses how Pastor Al is faithful in picking up pennies.  When questioned about it, he reminds us all about Sam Walton, the founder and owner of Wal-Mart.  Most of you business college students know how he changed the industry in how we market merchandise and chain stores.  Anyway, Pastor Al informs his readers of how Sam is known for picking up all small coins.  I found comfort in this, because I tend to do this.  I fail in the area of depositing them though.  I normally buy a soda or pass them to my child, who now tends to give more in offering then I could expect him to at his age.  Anyway, why allow money to become barred  into the earth?  It does no good there, now does it?  Actually, the story behind Pastor Al’s reasoning is as follows. He states, "He that is faithful in least will be faithful in much."  It is about being faithful in little things.  Now days time spent saving money makes more in the long run than time spent earning the same amount of money.  Financial peace is not in the amount of money we earn….it is the money you keep that counts, the money we build. 

I liked reading this, "The difference between success and failure is often in the diligence in handling the small details." (page 131).  I think of my new job.  I have been there now one day shy of three months, and God has used me and the skills HE has given me to help straighten and clean things up that needed to be, and my new boss and the board members all make me feel important.  It is amazing how God takes me to a place that I would not think of going and it turns out to be a wonderful place to work.  I am somewhat concerned about the financial lacking, but God has been faithful to ensure the bills get paid and food is on the table, and yes clothes for my son.  I would like to live without a  tight budget, not to worry about something that may come up unexpectedly, and to be in a position to help someone in need. 

Oh yeah, guess what. About 1 1/2 months or so ago, the youth pastor mentioned a youth in need of help in the area of camp fees for d-camp, a camp for discipleship training.  I do not know why, but I felt as if the Holy Spirit prompted me to give the entire amount.  This was not difficult at the time, I rose to my feet, walked to my car, wrote the check putting it into my pocket.  I walked back into the service and sat as if I were in a daze listening to every word being said.  Afterwards, I walked up to the youth pastor, handed him a check, smiled at him not looking him in the eye, not paying any attention to what was being said at this point, turning around and walked off.  The next day I felt as if it were a dream, but I could tell it was not when I looked into my checkbook.  DO you know something, I did not struggle that month or the next month that followed.  Today, I am somewhat concerned about January, but again, I will remain focused on him. 

I woke up this second day of 2008 and realized I should elaborate a little.  Some of you are thinking that I might have gotten help via some government agency or my church.  The answer is NO, I have not.  No I have not asked my family either.  To be VERY honest here, I have just been watching how I spend the little money I have.  Yes, I have spent some foolishly, but I am human.  Foolishly how?  Eating out, when perhaps eating at home would have been the better choice.  Buying things not necessary, but again I am human.  Using extra gasoline out gallivanting around when not necessary.  I guess these are the reasons I am somewhat concerned about January.  Overall, I personally am very shocked, yet thankful in how God is helping me.  Even with the financial lacking, I have financial peace. 

We only have 4 more chapters in this book.  I will do my best in completing them promptly, if for no other reason, to be faithful. 🙂

Happy New Year………Best Wishes………In all you do, do it with the Lord.!!!


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