Stay Cool! God Bless

{January 22, 2008}   Chapter 16

This chapter had some very good testimonials of others who have applied this lesson in their life.  For me, they not only provided encouragement, but a small amount of guilt.  I learned there are three different groups.

The first who claim they can’t start a savings and continue to live from need to need.  Second, those who begin a savings only to pull it all out within a few months for one reason or another.  Then the third, those who apply and live the principle correctly and years later see the harvest.

I will confess, since my temp position ended in July, I did have to fall on my storehouse as a back up for my checking, now as I sit here with the realization that it is empty, I am broken hearted, yet not discouraged.  I can see how God is picking me back up from my fall and I know HE will help me restore that which the enemy has taken and/or that which I have failed to do.  

I want to be faithful in all things including the little things.  I want to be a good stewardship, so after you read this, please say a prayer for HIS blessings to fall on me and my household.

This lesson is not only a pure common sense fact, but it is a spiritual concept that God does command.  Deuteronomy 28


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