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Thankfully I did, do.

I bet you might be wondering, how?  Well the Holy Spirit is known as the counselor, according to scripture.  If we listen, we can hear the voice of God…otherwise known as discernment or guidance when we walk in the spirit and not in the flesh.

Pastor Jentezen talks about how his mother listened to the discerning voice of God, asking him to sing a song during the offertory the next morning; a song she over heard him singing in the tub.  From that point God’s call on his life was set in place.  Today, he pastors a church filled with thousands and by television and books millions.

Our inner compass as Pastor Jentezen says, is the discernment we receive from the Holy Spirit, a superior knowledge of GOD from GOD.  The inside info of God’s will.

Page 19 stresses:

This discernment is not from human wisdom it is from GOD.

The next few chapters we will learn how to activate the voice of the Holy Spirit, trust your inner voice of discernment, apply discernment in everyday life, and make profound difference in your loved ones’ lives by just being you.  When I read this, I thought, "I already know how."  I still had a willing heart, a teachable spirit, so I continued to read.  It is neat how God will remind or re-enforce a thought or understanding by confirming it either by another individual or by a book written by a fellow believer.  Yes, seeing a different point of view, it is possible to learn something new or come to a different or higher understanding of what you think you might already know.  If you don’t know, what is coming this will help you to see.


{February 21, 2008}   Christ and Sin: The Context

This section re-enforces the eyewitness to Jesus’ ministry.


I learn that out of the 12 disciples, there were three most intimate with the Lord: Peter, James and John.

John affirms the physical reality of Jesus Christ appearing in the flesh (1 John 4:2-3 NKJV).  Basically blowing away the false teaching that we still see today, about Christ not living on the earth, not who he claimed to be.  We as Christians know the truth, yet so many hold on to the ‘worldly’ teachings.  That is sad to think about.  This is why we should remain in HIS word constantly through out every day of our life, so we can see through the false teaching.  In the other book I am reading, I am in a chapter explaining how as Christians we can discern the truth….I will blog that later. Back to this book.

"John accentuated the gravity of the false teaching that was permeating the church." (page 7 of the text).   If you are like me, you would have to look up the meaning of a few words in this sentence to fully understand it.  If not, you are smarter than I. 

Anyway, accentuated, means to give emphasis, to highlight, to pronounce with an accent, to stress or intensify. Permeating, means to pass into or through every part of, to penetrate through the pores, to be diffused, to saturate, or to spread or flow throughout as sunshine permeating the room.

So basically John highlights the basis of the false teaching that was spreading throughout the church by reminding them that what he had to say was validated by first hand experience and truth.  NOT the false teachings.

Now these false teachers of John’s day claimed to believe in Christ, but they did not believe in the true nature of Christ, that he lived on the earth in human form.  They lacked a genuine salvation.

This is the first test of having a genuine fellowship, relationship with Christ.

Next John affirms the reality of sin, this is the second test of having a genuine fellowship with Christ.

{February 3, 2008}   Christ and Sin: Drawing Near

Referenced: 1 John 1:1 – 2:2

Speaks of how John the apostle is much older when he writes these books (letters to the church, epistles).  How we can learn from mature faith and godly example.

I agree, it is a blessing to spend time with an older saint.  All who believe and live for him in obedience are saints.  Someone who has known the Lord and has walked with him for a long time are mentors.

We are asked to list one or two "mentors" in our life, those mature Christians we greatly respect.

I could list more then two, but this morning when I worked in the book, I listed:

Joseph and Deborah Lamb, Aiken, SC and Marion, Altus, OK.

We are asked to list qualities of these people.

The Lamb’s were the family God provided, my spiritual family, when I was separated from my family of whom I was born into.  I was in SC, and my husband and I separated.  He lived there with all his family members, but when I was no longer family, I was alone, literally.  I only had who GOD brought to me.  Long story, but they took me into their family as one of their own.  Something I will never forget.  I pray many blessings upon them.

Marion, she was good at encouraging me to stay strong when I wanted to give up on my marital reconciliation.  She helped me keep my faith.  July of 1999, there in deed was a reconciliation.  I only spoke to her a few more times after that, and she was good at helping us reunite.  We soon left that church to attend another and lost contact with her.  She was wise and it was evident God was using her to touch many lives.  Not sure if she is still alive, but if she is I hope and pray that she does not have to experience any suffering of any kind.  When it is her time, I hope God takes her peacefully.  She was like in her 80s, I think, not sure.

Next is Christ and Sin: The Context, Keys to the Text, Unleashing the Text followed by 6 questions.

{February 3, 2008}   Intro

I learned something.  If I had learned it before, I must have forgotten, but I learned that the last apostle, and is why his testimony is considered to be of high authority at that time and even now.  He writes to remind those who have forgotten the truth about Jesus and the resurrection. 

The basics of Christianity: happiness (1 John 1:4), holiness ( 1 John 2:1), and security (1 John 5:13)

During this time, a new theology or teaching was stirring up the people with false doctrine.  John writes these books to challenge us.  His theology is in absolutes, not relative terms.  Black and white, not speaking of the gray.

Genuine Characteristics of Christians: sound doctrine, obedience, and love.

We are going to do this work book online, but if you are reading this book along with me, you will find questions like a workbook and can write your answers there.  Keep in mind there are readers who might benefit from your point of view and you are welcomed to post your answers to the questions in the comment area by clicking the link, "add comment," below each blog.

{February 3, 2008}   Chapter One: Part 1

The part of Chapter 1 that I have read so far reminds of how important we need discernment.  How we must ask God for it.  It reminds that the Holy Spirit in us is there to do just that, guide us.  As God’s word says, he is the counselor.

The part I have read, spoke about creation.  How the serpent, Satan, wants us to feel as if we are not good enough.  I like the part where Jentezen Franklin uses the quote of where Satan says: "….you will be like God." Jentezen asks us if we find something wrong with that phrase.  At first I was not seeing what he said, but quickly within seconds, it came to like a brick hitting me over the head.  Of course after Jentezen points it out. we were created already in God’s likeness …we were already like God. 

This is where I stopped for now.  I will continue as I read.  Of course you realize this is only a summary of all the good things read in these books, but I will try to blog more later.  Fill free to comment and leave your thought if you are reading along.

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