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{February 3, 2008}   Christ and Sin: Drawing Near

Referenced: 1 John 1:1 – 2:2

Speaks of how John the apostle is much older when he writes these books (letters to the church, epistles).  How we can learn from mature faith and godly example.

I agree, it is a blessing to spend time with an older saint.  All who believe and live for him in obedience are saints.  Someone who has known the Lord and has walked with him for a long time are mentors.

We are asked to list one or two "mentors" in our life, those mature Christians we greatly respect.

I could list more then two, but this morning when I worked in the book, I listed:

Joseph and Deborah Lamb, Aiken, SC and Marion, Altus, OK.

We are asked to list qualities of these people.

The Lamb’s were the family God provided, my spiritual family, when I was separated from my family of whom I was born into.  I was in SC, and my husband and I separated.  He lived there with all his family members, but when I was no longer family, I was alone, literally.  I only had who GOD brought to me.  Long story, but they took me into their family as one of their own.  Something I will never forget.  I pray many blessings upon them.

Marion, she was good at encouraging me to stay strong when I wanted to give up on my marital reconciliation.  She helped me keep my faith.  July of 1999, there in deed was a reconciliation.  I only spoke to her a few more times after that, and she was good at helping us reunite.  We soon left that church to attend another and lost contact with her.  She was wise and it was evident God was using her to touch many lives.  Not sure if she is still alive, but if she is I hope and pray that she does not have to experience any suffering of any kind.  When it is her time, I hope God takes her peacefully.  She was like in her 80s, I think, not sure.

Next is Christ and Sin: The Context, Keys to the Text, Unleashing the Text followed by 6 questions.


Edie says:

Okay, here goes again, my second try at commenting back. I think I hit the enter key or who knows…. Anyways, just finished the first chapter. God is so faithful in providing and putting people in our lives that come along side of us, people who don\’t put expectations on us but just accept us and love us right where we are at. The mentor that I thought of was that kind of person. She was younger than me in age (about 3 or 4 years younger) but she was much more mature in her spiritual walk than me. She came along side of me and was my friend, she didn\’t put any real expectations on me but she was able to stretch my faith and say things at the right moment to get my thoughts refocused on God. Her name is Karen and she lives in LaGrande, Oregon. I knew her when we were living in Washington State. She moved to Oregon while we were still in Washington. I miss her a lot.

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