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{February 21, 2008}   Christ and Sin: The Context

This section re-enforces the eyewitness to Jesus’ ministry.


I learn that out of the 12 disciples, there were three most intimate with the Lord: Peter, James and John.

John affirms the physical reality of Jesus Christ appearing in the flesh (1 John 4:2-3 NKJV).  Basically blowing away the false teaching that we still see today, about Christ not living on the earth, not who he claimed to be.  We as Christians know the truth, yet so many hold on to the ‘worldly’ teachings.  That is sad to think about.  This is why we should remain in HIS word constantly through out every day of our life, so we can see through the false teaching.  In the other book I am reading, I am in a chapter explaining how as Christians we can discern the truth….I will blog that later. Back to this book.

"John accentuated the gravity of the false teaching that was permeating the church." (page 7 of the text).   If you are like me, you would have to look up the meaning of a few words in this sentence to fully understand it.  If not, you are smarter than I. 

Anyway, accentuated, means to give emphasis, to highlight, to pronounce with an accent, to stress or intensify. Permeating, means to pass into or through every part of, to penetrate through the pores, to be diffused, to saturate, or to spread or flow throughout as sunshine permeating the room.

So basically John highlights the basis of the false teaching that was spreading throughout the church by reminding them that what he had to say was validated by first hand experience and truth.  NOT the false teachings.

Now these false teachers of John’s day claimed to believe in Christ, but they did not believe in the true nature of Christ, that he lived on the earth in human form.  They lacked a genuine salvation.

This is the first test of having a genuine fellowship, relationship with Christ.

Next John affirms the reality of sin, this is the second test of having a genuine fellowship with Christ.


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