Stay Cool! God Bless

{February 21, 2008}   Did you know we all have the ability to hear God’s voice?

Thankfully I did, do.

I bet you might be wondering, how?  Well the Holy Spirit is known as the counselor, according to scripture.  If we listen, we can hear the voice of God…otherwise known as discernment or guidance when we walk in the spirit and not in the flesh.

Pastor Jentezen talks about how his mother listened to the discerning voice of God, asking him to sing a song during the offertory the next morning; a song she over heard him singing in the tub.  From that point God’s call on his life was set in place.  Today, he pastors a church filled with thousands and by television and books millions.

Our inner compass as Pastor Jentezen says, is the discernment we receive from the Holy Spirit, a superior knowledge of GOD from GOD.  The inside info of God’s will.

Page 19 stresses:

This discernment is not from human wisdom it is from GOD.

The next few chapters we will learn how to activate the voice of the Holy Spirit, trust your inner voice of discernment, apply discernment in everyday life, and make profound difference in your loved ones’ lives by just being you.  When I read this, I thought, "I already know how."  I still had a willing heart, a teachable spirit, so I continued to read.  It is neat how God will remind or re-enforce a thought or understanding by confirming it either by another individual or by a book written by a fellow believer.  Yes, seeing a different point of view, it is possible to learn something new or come to a different or higher understanding of what you think you might already know.  If you don’t know, what is coming this will help you to see.


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