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{March 9, 2008}   Christ and Sin: Unleashing the Text

"from the beginning"  What do you think about when you read those 3 words?

In the bible these words emphasis the stability of the gospel.  Its contents do not change.  On page 8, you will find references to this, the writers go on to stress, "It is not subject to change due to current worldly fads or philosophical thinking."  SO TRUE!

Here John is reminding the people, "..we have heard….we have seen…we have looked upon…our hands have handled."  He is referring to Jesus walking the earth, God in human form (the son of man), and how we must believe this to be true.  That He was not a spirit, he was real.

Again it is stated how John dramatically uses his own first hand experience with Jesus in contrast to the false teachings by teachers who had never seen or known Christ.

This section has the scripture all broke down and real good reading.

Moving on to question 1 in this section.  What was the purpose of John writing this epistle?

To help the people not be mislead by false teachings.  To help the people remember the truth, Jesus was and is real.  Not only did He, Jesus Christ, live and walk the earth, but he and God were, are the same.  The deity.

2) How did John describe his experience with Christ…? 

By reminding the people, us, of his personal relationship with Jesus.  His first hand experience.  John knew Jesus and was there at the cross and after it was all said and done. 

3) God is Light….what does that phrase mean?

In the simplest terms, to me, that means He is truth.  His good, He is abundant, and mostly He overcomes the enemy, Satan.  He can help me to beat Satan during those trying times, to stomp on him as Christ did the snake.

4) What does "walk in the light" mean?  What manner of life is demonstrated?

For us to live in truth, His truth….His will not our own.  To accept that we sin, and know we can come to Him for mercy.  After all that is why Jesus’s blood was spilt (shed) on the cross, so we may be forgiven.  He was the ultimate sacrifice, and Jesus had no sin to ask the Lord for forgiveness, but instead He took our sins upon himself and asked the Lord to forgive us.  At that moment, God, the Lord turned his back to him.  I often wondered why, but as I heard Pastor refer to this passage this morning, it hit me like a brick.  God can not look upon sin, He is the holy of holies and despises sin, yet He loves the sinner and provided the ultimate sacrifice in order that we may find forgiveness.  His son, himself in deity form.  That is why we come to the Father through Christ in prayer.

5) What are signs that a person is deceived and not living by the truth?

When a person can not see or admit his own sin….to claim their life to be with out sin.

If a person can not accept or admit that Jesus Christ was a real person, the son of God, God in deity form.

6) God’s response to those who honestly confess their sin(s)?

He being faithful and righteous has mercy on us and shows us grace by forgiving us.  Cleansing our sins from our life, so we can continue in our walk in His light, the light.  To walk with him in righteousness.

Next is the section Going Deeper followed by Exploring the Meaning.  Catch ya later gators.


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