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{May 28, 2008}   How to tell if it is the Voice of the Lord

God can be gentle like a moth or harsh like a lion, it all depends on how sensitive you are to His voice. 

Can you recognize His voice when He speaks to you?

Pastor Franklin refers to something he once heard.  "A U.S. Treasury officer who had a job of identifying counterfeit dollar bills. He said, ‘The key to identifying a false bill is to spend hours and hours handling the real thing.’  In other words, you have to get a ‘feel for the real’ if you want to identify the fake." 

How does this relate to us knowing the voice of God?  Is that what you are thinking……you must spend time in prayer and HIS word, the bible.  If you are merely reading the bible to just say you read it, then what have you learned?  Not much.  You may be able to tell a few of the stories or quote a few verses, but what really have you learned?

Having a relationship with God is more then just verbally claiming it once you have said the prayer asking for salvation.  Oh and it is more then just being able to say you are baptized.  A real relationship is LIVING for him. Obeying His commands, even if it requires great sacrifice on your part.  I know it requires lots of Self-discipline, and we will find ourselves failing from time to time.  Know that God will and wants to forgive you.  You must humble before him asking him for his forgiveness.  He is a merciful, loving God.  His is vengefully, jealous, and wrathful one. "The Lord is slow to anger and great in power; the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished. …" Nahum 1:3 (NIV)  I personally find great comfort in knowing that not only does he want a relationship with me, but that he is ever so forgiving.  Now this doesn’t mean I go out purposefully looking for ways to break his commands, but it happens.  I am human.  I try to live a righteous life, but due to being human there are times I hinder His light, say something I shouldn’t, or act in a way I know I shouldn’t.  He knows our weaknesses, he created us.  That is why he sent his son, Jesus.  So that we may be saved.  No matter how hard I might try to obey every command or do NO wrong, the simple truth is I will fail.  I will do or say something I shouldn’t, but that is why we must hold ourselves in check.  Allow our close Christian friends to hold us accountable.  I have even gone as far as asking my own pastor to hold me accountable in a few areas.  My pastor is more then a pastor, he is a friend and a father figure.  I value his insight.  I like to call on him sometimes to ensure I am understanding God’s word correctly, but I find when I spend more time with God himself, the need for me to bother my pastor is less.  The confusion is removed.  Having a keen ear to hear the voice of the Lord when he speaks like a moth fluttering by brings such joy and peace.  Now this doesn’t mean you won’t have to fight off the enemy’s attempt to bring in confusion or doubt, but the battle is easy when you let go and let God. 🙂

When he speaks to us, there is a stirring in our spirit, our soul, our mind, and our heart.  When we seek answers about a particular thing or person.  He does answer.  How can we tell?  That is what I will cover when I return.

**********I do apologize, but I must stop here for now.  I will return.*******

I have been asking God to know when to blog on Chapter 2, when I began to read it the first time, I found I was interrupted by life.  Yesterday, I re-read a portion and finished it.  There is so much in this chapter that my mind is overwhelmed and looking at the time, I must step a way.  I will continue to ask God for His words for when I return.

I do apologize.



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