Stay Cool! God Bless

{June 28, 2008}   Update

I have spent my time with the Lord seeking self rejuvenation that I have not read out of the two books I am blogging about in like a week and a half.  I will find time separate from my personal studies and time the LORD to finish these two books God has placed in my heart to read and blog about.

The week prior, I was preparing and taking finals for my college classes.  This past week, my youngest has been playing in his final T-ball tournament this year.

Peace and Joy are back in my life.  Thanks to those who lifted me up in prayer and for your comments, emails and IMs.  I have received some answers to some questions. There is still one area in my life I am left without an answer and do not understand.  But this is where I simply trust the LORD in guarding my heart and watching over me in ALL areas of my life to include this one that I do not understand.

Understanding is sometimes not going to come and if it does it can be several days, months, or even years from the initial time we want it.  This is where we grow. We lean on HIM. Depending Solely on HIM.

I hope your weekend has turned out TERRIFIC!!!.


This morning I am reminded of who my Savior is and how GREAT HE IS!  How REAL HE IS!

Sometimes things happen that we do not understand, causing us to simply rely on HIM. Yesterday, I felt so many things come upon me and as I tried to turn them over to the Lord, I kept feeling a sense of ownership to the problems.  Causing more emotional stress then needed.  Some are concerns, issues that do not pertain to me, but others.

Finally, the Lord gave me peace and I was able to rest.  This morning I was drawn to Luke 24:36-49.  I don’t have time to go into how God renewed my spirit this morning, but we are all human.  For me, I tend to take on a sense of responsibility for others, when in reality each of us is responsible for our own choices.  I can only answer for myself before the Lord.  The rest of my concerns, I must simply bring to HIM and rely on HIS strength, HIS understanding, HIS knowledge, HIS ability, and HIS discernment.  Mostly to TRUST HIM, HE will take care of everyone, not I.  I am merely HIS servant.

Last night my Pastor informed me of Wednesday night services taking a break in the month of July.  People are going on vacation and not many are attending.  The Missionette and Royal Ranger volunteers are needing a break.  I was saddened, but last night I spoke to another member and found that I could be useful with the youth.  The youth will still be meeting on Wednesday nights, it is only the Adult class and children classes being affected.  My Pastor will use this time to seek some quality time with the Lord and prepare for Sunday meetings.  So it is not like the church is closing.  Last night the news was devastating, but it is funny how GOD will use things in our life to put us where we need to be.  I have had a sense of being involved with the youth since I was in my early twenties, but have avoided it due to not feeling able or intelligent enough, my ex not being ….well another story for another day.  Now I am being told that I could be of service.  What do I do?  I will continue to pray and submit my life to the LORD.  HE will give me the words and the skill I need.  Yes, I am fearful, but will find strength in HIM.

Work is a worry or a concern I will turn over to HIM as well.  I can’t go into that, but the economy is affecting everyone including businesses.  I am told by my boss everything is going to be okay.  The board members are also saying not to worry.  I am needed and valued.  I am told that in the farming industry, it is common to see what I am seeing.  I am told we got the loan approved for some major improvements to the business….this will be a relief. Again, I realize I can not hold all the problems, not my own and specially not those belonging to others. 

My personal life, I will walk in faith.  I will do my best not to get so emotional over things, but I find that this is harder then it sounds.  Perhaps it is because I am a female, perhaps it is because I do not understand, and perhaps I analysis too much.

Well to all of you, PLEASE say a prayer for me, and I will continue to lift you all up in prayer as well. 🙂

This chapter really hit home.

Is it God’s will or your own?  Basically the question this chapter covers.  How do you really know.  Pastor Franklin uses his own story to relate the message.  A very good, funny, and meaningful read.

We are faced with decisions in life. All types of decisions. In our careers, our education, our family, our friends, our life, our romances, and even as simple as coloring our hair. 

If you are born with brunette and want to color your hair blonde, do you ask God first or do you just change your color at will?  Yes, God will love you either way, but I bet if you take the step in asking him first you will find that he would rather you be pleased with whom he has created.  God created you in the womb and if he wanted you to have blonde hair, he would have given you blonde hair.  Being happy with yourself is a definite must.

Anyway, if there is a stirring in your spirit about a task, a person, a place, or a job stop to listen.  Allow God to lead the way.  If you are like me, you might find a certain amount of excitement in some cases and want to run out and make things happen.  Sometimes what God calls us to do is NOT so exciting and takes courage; we tend to sit back and procrastinate.  Either way we find ourselves battling with removing ourselves from the equation of "Control".  In this chapter it speaks about whether we are racing ahead of God or following his lead.  If you find yourself trying to force a situation or push things along, only disappoint follows and discouragement.  Sit back. Chill out.  Wait.  He will take you by the hand and lead you.

"For I hold you by your right hand — I, the Lord your God.  And I say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid.  I am here to help you.’" Isaiah 41:13 NLT

God wants to be involved in your everyday life, in all aspects of it.  Will you allow him? 

That means letting go.  Let go of the control.  I am telling myself this too.  My personal life has been turned upside down.  I find myself in new territory, but one thing I know with out a doubt is GOD must be in control.  I find I have peace when I don’t try to make things happen.  I have had to learn this the hard way.  It would be easy for you if you can learn this by simply understanding it when you read this and take me for my word, but most of you will not.  You will have to endure your own trials and learn things for yourself.  As we all do from time to time.  I prefer to read about mistakes in history whether in the world or in another person’s life and not make those mistakes myself.  In some cases this is possible. 🙂

Anyway, if you find yourself in a situation that you feel you are pushing along.  Step back.  Ask God if this is really His will for you.  Then wait for him to respond.  If it is then he can take what you have done is haste and use it to continue his will.  If it is not his will, he will guide you in another direction.  He will not move as fast as we want him to, but he always comes through. 

In some cases, he moves faster then we can and if we slow down, we will miss out on the blessings he has for us.  I know.  I know, you are thinking, "How do I know?", this takes years of being in a relationship with him.  Allowing his spirit to walk with you and guide you.

So wait for the "Nod of God", the nod of approval.

How to develop the ability to hear and discern God’s voice:

1) Inner Convictions

2) Scriptural Confirmation

3) Prophetic Confirmation

4) Godly Counsel

5) Circumstances

6) The Peace of God

7) Provision

I must get ready for work now, but I will try to cover these 7 things in my next blog. 🙂

{June 3, 2008}   The stirring of the Spirit

How can you tell if the stirring in yourself is of God or your own desire and ambition? 

Well if you are a Christian who is spending time in His word, praying, and seeking discernment.  God is true to His word.  He will give you the understanding, the knowledge, the awareness you need.  God created us and He is who ultimately places that desire in your heart.  Yes, the enemy can come in and distract you, or lead you a stray.  That is why it is important to stay in the word and in prayer.  God will fight the battle.  Have you ever wondered why something  you feel is of God’s will and purpose for you, but doesn’t seem to work out.  This could be due to your lack of leaning on His strength and guidance, or the simple fact that the enemy is out to destroy and cause you to fail.

If you are seeking His will for your life and are asking.  BE STILL and listen, wait upon the Lord.  BUT BE READY to act when HE says it is time.  This is hard, even for the best or the strongest.  Have you ever needed something or someone and God brings that need at the last minute.  He is faithful.  HE is El Shaddai.

If you are unsure of whether the stirring in your soul is of God, ask Him about it.  Put it aside.  If it is truly of Him, He will continue to stir your spirit about it.  When you obey and take action, then  you will find peace in your spirit.  This refers to people, jobs, tasks of all kinds, desires, basically everything and anything.

You will find that when you walk with Jesus, an awareness is present.  In my past, there were cycles I went through.  Even when I was walking with Jesus, I was not aware and would allow doubt to come in.  As I grow closer to Him, I find that HE strengthens me and the doubt is not so easily allowed in.   My faith is stronger.  Scriptures that I would read that were ‘above my head’ were making sense.  People often tell me I think too deep.  What is too deep?  Jesus spoke in parables.  Have you ever wondered why?  The bible tells us.  IT IS A NARROW PATH.  Not many will find it.  One must really seek and want a relationship with Christ.  Christ is who ultimately woes us to Him.  (Calls us.)  Remember we were created for His joy to please Him.

BUT, as it is written in Acts 17:27, "They should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us." This is telling you that you must take action.  To seek Him is taking action.  To grope is to search blindly or uncertainly to feel one’s way, not necessarily in the sense of touching as with hands.  How close is He to you?  My answer is He is in me, beside me, holding me, and leading the way. 

It is hard to know if you are being mislead, but His word does tells us to test what is being told to us against His word.  His scriptures are truth.   Even after the many years of re-write.  Ever wonder why?  The Holy Spirit.  His Spirit.

As Pastor Franklin exclaims, it takes practice to have a feel for HIS voice.  Mistakes are bound to happen.  We are so privileged to have such a loving God who will give us many chances to get it right.  If we could only do it right the first time, how wonderfully peaceful and great life would be, but I guess we would be in heaven. 

The mistakes are considered as "Falling for the Counterfeit" by Pastor Franklin.  In chapter 2, he tells a story about an incident with his children.  How he claims one of his children to be the guilty party in an action of disobedience due to knowledge and foresight given to him by the Holy Spirit.     Later to be corrected.  The child who was accused not only by him, but by another child in his home.  This younger child who accused the older child found such guilt and ended up confessing the truth.  Pastor Franklin had to humble his pride and apologize to the one he accused and disciplined.  This shows how even the innocent will be punished or persecuted for doing no wrong.  Also of how it takes practice in being able to discern the voice of the Lord.  In his story, the guilty party is disciplined, but in life where not everyone is saved, the guilty can go unpunished.  While the innocent still remain as the guilty when not.  The day will come when Christ returns and the guilty will be punished.  I know some of you are thinking….what good will that do if I am dead.  Remember, true joy is being able to let go, let God.   Focus on the task at hand or the future, don’t look back.  I smile as I write this because I am having to learn to let my past go.  GOD has forgiven me of all my wrong doings, but it is I who has a hard time forgiving myself and loving myself as HE loves me.  Why is that?  I tend to judge myself harder then anyone.  Not sure why, but I know when I focus on His purpose, His mission, I tend to remove the focus off of me.  I find joy even when I am sad.  I have learned that happiness and joy are not the same.

As we search ourselves, the inner person, God will make known His purpose.  "God is not the author of confusion." 1 Corinthians 14:33.  REMEMBER!  "The spirit of a man (or woman) is the lamp of the Lord, searching all the inner depths of his heart." Proverbs 20:27.  It is the way God speaks and leads us.  We have to accept the spirit and be spirit-conscious in order to hear God’s voice and receive His direction.  Not only did Pastor Franklin write this, but I have heard this from many other Pastors growing up.  I have even claimed this in the past.  This is so TRUE and is easily forgotten by many.  I have been to Baptist, Church of Christ, Methodist, Assembly of God, non-denomination, Grace Brethren, Catholic, etc.  Growing up God has had a hold on me even when my parents stopped going, I was lead to go and would go any where, every where.  I did not have the luxury of staying in one type of church, but in a way I consider it a blessing.  We are all seeking the same thing, salvation. 

God leads by stirring your spirit.  Is God stirring your spirit about something or someone?  Find out by asking HIM and then listen.  Wait patiently for HIS voice.

et cetera