Stay Cool! God Bless

{June 26, 2008}   The Attack, Yesterday’s Trials

This morning I am reminded of who my Savior is and how GREAT HE IS!  How REAL HE IS!

Sometimes things happen that we do not understand, causing us to simply rely on HIM. Yesterday, I felt so many things come upon me and as I tried to turn them over to the Lord, I kept feeling a sense of ownership to the problems.  Causing more emotional stress then needed.  Some are concerns, issues that do not pertain to me, but others.

Finally, the Lord gave me peace and I was able to rest.  This morning I was drawn to Luke 24:36-49.  I don’t have time to go into how God renewed my spirit this morning, but we are all human.  For me, I tend to take on a sense of responsibility for others, when in reality each of us is responsible for our own choices.  I can only answer for myself before the Lord.  The rest of my concerns, I must simply bring to HIM and rely on HIS strength, HIS understanding, HIS knowledge, HIS ability, and HIS discernment.  Mostly to TRUST HIM, HE will take care of everyone, not I.  I am merely HIS servant.

Last night my Pastor informed me of Wednesday night services taking a break in the month of July.  People are going on vacation and not many are attending.  The Missionette and Royal Ranger volunteers are needing a break.  I was saddened, but last night I spoke to another member and found that I could be useful with the youth.  The youth will still be meeting on Wednesday nights, it is only the Adult class and children classes being affected.  My Pastor will use this time to seek some quality time with the Lord and prepare for Sunday meetings.  So it is not like the church is closing.  Last night the news was devastating, but it is funny how GOD will use things in our life to put us where we need to be.  I have had a sense of being involved with the youth since I was in my early twenties, but have avoided it due to not feeling able or intelligent enough, my ex not being ….well another story for another day.  Now I am being told that I could be of service.  What do I do?  I will continue to pray and submit my life to the LORD.  HE will give me the words and the skill I need.  Yes, I am fearful, but will find strength in HIM.

Work is a worry or a concern I will turn over to HIM as well.  I can’t go into that, but the economy is affecting everyone including businesses.  I am told by my boss everything is going to be okay.  The board members are also saying not to worry.  I am needed and valued.  I am told that in the farming industry, it is common to see what I am seeing.  I am told we got the loan approved for some major improvements to the business….this will be a relief. Again, I realize I can not hold all the problems, not my own and specially not those belonging to others. 

My personal life, I will walk in faith.  I will do my best not to get so emotional over things, but I find that this is harder then it sounds.  Perhaps it is because I am a female, perhaps it is because I do not understand, and perhaps I analysis too much.

Well to all of you, PLEASE say a prayer for me, and I will continue to lift you all up in prayer as well. 🙂


Theresa says:

You will be in my prayers.  I can\’t count the number of times had to tell myself to turn it over to God.  As a Mom  and a resposiible worker (which it sounds like you are) it is so hard to let go.
Your Sister in Christ,

Greg says:

I can certainly related to the things you wrote about in here!  Lately the Lord has been giving me day visions as well as dreams at night time of things to come in the future of our country and its people!  As I try to decipher them the best I can and the way I feel God intends for me to understand them has brought a great deal of controversy in my blogs.  Satan is certainly out and about these days and try\’s to very hard to discourage those who are trying to do what they feel God has called them to do!  I am going to keep that beast under my feet where he belongs! 
Believe me you are not the only one who trys to analyze things too much….LOL !  Just thought you might like to know that!
Have a wonderful and blessed evening my friend

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