Stay Cool! God Bless

{June 28, 2008}   Update

I have spent my time with the Lord seeking self rejuvenation that I have not read out of the two books I am blogging about in like a week and a half.  I will find time separate from my personal studies and time the LORD to finish these two books God has placed in my heart to read and blog about.

The week prior, I was preparing and taking finals for my college classes.  This past week, my youngest has been playing in his final T-ball tournament this year.

Peace and Joy are back in my life.  Thanks to those who lifted me up in prayer and for your comments, emails and IMs.  I have received some answers to some questions. There is still one area in my life I am left without an answer and do not understand.  But this is where I simply trust the LORD in guarding my heart and watching over me in ALL areas of my life to include this one that I do not understand.

Understanding is sometimes not going to come and if it does it can be several days, months, or even years from the initial time we want it.  This is where we grow. We lean on HIM. Depending Solely on HIM.

I hope your weekend has turned out TERRIFIC!!!.


Theresa says:

You are so right about waiting for understanding and just having to lean on Him.  I have sometimes not "gotten it" until years later.

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