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{July 12, 2008}   Chapter 5: Right Place

Are you in the right place?  What is the right place? 🙂

Did you know that God has already ordained the place you should be?

Acts 17:26 "And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings."

‘Pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings.’  Pre-appointed- to appoint ahead of time. Appoint- to name or assign, to determine by authority, or to designate.  Remember the scripture about how he created you in your mother’s womb.  He knew when you would be formed and by whom since long before your parents knew. 🙂  Weird huh, but comforting.  He set the boundaries of where we will live (dwell) before we entered this world.

This chapter begins with a story about how Pastor Franklin had a vision through a dream.  At first he did not understand the dream.  The dream brought, not fear, but concern for his youngest child.  He woke his wife and they both began to pray for their family concentrating on the youngest that night.  He had gone on to say how he even prepared a sermon for the following Sunday.  This dream showed the death of a young child, they at first took it as a warning that Satan had targeted their children.  He knew through the blood of Jesus Christ, they could cancel the enemy’s intent.  The congregation of course was touched by the message he delivered.  After this service they were leaving to go on a family vacation.  For some reason, his wife suggested to leave a day earlier then planned.  He made it seem as if that was unusual for them to change plans at last minute.  He did come into agreement with her and they left a early.  When they arrived they had gone to SeaWorld, another unplanned item on their agenda, they had only planned on Disney World.  By leaving a day early they had the time to go to SeaWorld in addition to Disney World.  They went and while there ran into bad weather.  He describes the scene to full detail and how the storm was unusual and was life threatening.  Their youngest had at this point never gone to strangers and always clinched on to her mother.  There was another lady present whom their youngest had jumped into the arms of, the arms of a total stranger.  A young lady, 26 years old, held their youngest through out the storm.  Even when Pastor Franklin’s wife had reached for her, she would not come.  This lady was with her parents.  As the storm died down.  This lady was still crying.  You see Pastor Franklin thought she was crying due to the storm. Nope.  She was still crying and her parents began to cry.  Turns out this lady had lost her daughter about the same age of this little girl.  This lady had been shut up in her room, not wanting to live and was angry with God.  That day was the first day this lady had left her room. 

To quote Pastor Franklin book page 63, "Two months ago, my daughter’s three-year-old child died of congestive heart failure in the middle of the night.  This is the first time we have been able to get our daughter out of her bedroom because she has been so devastated with grief.  She’s been blaming God for taking her little girl." 

Pastor Franklin began to speak of how God had provided discernment via a dream.  He began to minister to her.  Explained how God allowed him to feel her grief.  He explained how he had even gone to church to speak about the dream, the child he saw in a coffin.  He also informed her that if she did not believe him, there was a recording of the sermon on video she could watch.  She listen as he explained how God loved her and expressed it through their youngest.  Who until this moment had never gone into the arms of a stranger.  He spoke about King David losing a son and what King David said, "Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me." 2 Samuel 12:23   Pastor Franklin told her that even though she could not bring back her child, nor could he that someday she will go to the place where her daughter was, of course if she was willing to let go of the pain leaving her daughter in God’s loving hands.  To forgive, to love, to seek HIM.   The lady and all of them prayed.  Her faith was restored.

Remember, God knows our pain, our sufferings, the trials we face here on earth.  Remember Jesus did walk the earth before rising to the heavens to be with the Father at his right hand.  As many have said, "Suffering never leaves you where it finds you; you either become bitter or better."  It either turns you into a bitter, miserable complainer. (or) It conforms, transforms you into the image of Jesus Christ.

God loved that lady so much that He gave Pastor Franklin a dream that rearranged their life, their schedule.  And the Pastor Franklin’s 3 year old daughter the insight and trust and faith to go into the arms of this broken, hurting lady during a terrible life threatening storm, the arms of a stranger, but NOT a stranger to God.  A storm that had the entire stadium of viewers at SeaWorld concerned for shelter and their lives.

Proper Placement

Being in the right place at the right time.  Have you ever wonder if you were where you should be?  Makes you think huh?

I will talk about this next…Chapter 5 I will break up due to time.  I must leave for now.  I leave you with these questions to ponder. 😀


Theresa says:

That was a very touching story.  God does indeed work through the smallest of details.

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