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{July 21, 2008}   A little more about me derived from a friend’s blog.

I was on a friend’s site, Christ Follower – Alan McDurmon, and he had a good blog on accountability.  Check it out by clicking on accountability.

Anyway this blog forced me to open up a little sharing more of me.  So I thought I would share.

I find that in my own walk, when I was younger in my walk.  I looked at accountability as one judging. Judging is a sin.  WELL that was an excuse to point the finger at someone else rather then accepting my faults.  As I grew up in my Christian faith, grew closer to God in having a more intimate relationship with him through Jesus Christ.  I realize accountability is a way of helping eachother grow in love for one another.  If one is pointing out our faults simply for putting us down, then yes that is judgement, but if in love to help us become better and not stray away, then that is guidance or accountability.  I am thankful to have the mentors, friends I have who hold me accountable.

Why I care about what people think:  One being a female, not sure if that has anything to do with it.  Two His word says to live our life as Christ would live.  Now I realize I will fail making mistakes and at times hinder His light from shining through my life.  But I care about what God thinks of me and what He sees in me. I want His light to shine through.  Less of me and more of Him.  But I am human, I care whether my friends think I am a good friend or a bad friend.  Why, because if they think I am bad, then there is an area in my life where I am hindering HIS light.  I care if the one I fall in love with, likes my appearance, my behavior, my way of thinking, etc.  Why, because I value what he has to say and to please him second.  I say second because God is who I want to please first and foremost.  That is why the person whom I fall in love with must be saved and must be serving him already on his own.  I care about the opinion of my children to appoint.  Meaning, I want them to feel loved and happy and proud to have me as a parent, yet at the same point I am willing to put away popularity with them to ensure they have the foundation needed.  In a divorce situation, this is hard, but that is another story for another day.  I care what my Pastor thinks of me.  Why, because if he who GOD has entrusted over a flock of his sheep (HIS children who attend that church) does not see Him in my life, then I am blinded and need to see.  My Pastor, whom I have grown to value his opinion, will not hesitate to set me straight.  I consider him more then a mentor, also one to hold me accountable.

Following the crowd: NO, I did not follow the crowd, in my youthful years, yet I would set the trend in some cases.  Even today I do not follow the crowd, but as I have grown closer to the Lord, I have found myself to feel alienated and alone.  BUT there is a scripture in the Holy Bible that states we are not of this world and brings me comfort.  SO I do my best to keep the enemy’s lies away about why I am alone, keeping oppression at a distance.  Once was afraid to take a stand, not so much anymore.  I realize that when God wants us to do something.  If we lean on Him, He provides the strength and courage to succeed.  We we refuse to listen or take the road of rebellion, then heart aches tends to follow for a season.  God is good at giving us a second chance or even a 100th chance.  He never gives up on us.

Rebuke someone who talks one way and walks another:  How about allowing God to love them through you?  Gently helping them to see the error of their ways.  Isn’t that accountability?  NOW, if you are thinking of a person who has harden their heart to the possibility of him being real, then that is different.  There are people who are anti-Christ, and personally I think it will take an act of God to reach them.  He tells us not to defile ourselves by associated with sin.  I would not associate with anyone who refuses to accept Jesus.  It would eventually spoil me…like a rotten apple in a basket spoiling the entire batch unless removed.  That is a form of rebuke I would take.  But God will send some to try an reach these people, those He has prepared to witness to those types.  But to witness does not mean hanging out with them on a regular basis.  To hang out for a period of time to share or witness, but not to hang out to do as they do.  We are called to stand out, not to be conformed to the ways of the world.


Sheila says:

Oh wow! Great post. You\’re so right. Accountability is not judging and I know a lot of people who think of it as judging. You said it, if they\’re doing it to put us down, that\’s judging. I also think it\’s judging if they stand there telling you you\’ll go to Hell if you don\’t change or they\’re constantly nagging about something. Accountability (or rebuking) is always done with love and kindness. No yelling, no nagging, no "beating" someone up over something. In my opinion, most people who respond to a gentle rebuke with "stop judging me" just doesn\’t want to admit something is wrong. I\’ve learned over the past few years how to accept a rebuke and learn and grow from it, but I can only do so when it is done kindly and gently. Thank you for the blog and for sharing more about your own walk with God.

Theresa says:

Good post.  I think you are right – sometimes people miss the love part of accountability.

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