Stay Cool! God Bless

{August 31, 2008}   Sweet Sunday Afternoons

You know, you can’t beat a nice quiet Sunday afternoon. You just can’t. I fell a sleep watching a movie this afternoon. I have not taken a nap in the middle of the day is ages. WOW, it felt great. I feel like a couch potato, but not really.

I do feel a little fat today, but that happens once a month a week before, well you women know …uRRR!

I can’t believe how fast today flew by. Tomorrow, I intend to wake up early and paint my bath room. Then scrub the tile floors and polish the wooden floors. By then I should be wore out and ready for bed. No BBQ parties for me. No invites. HEY, but I am still HaPpY!!! I just might have a BBQ in the back yard tomorrow evening just for me. I will light up some wood in the pit and have a bomb fire, relax in a lawn chair with Welch’s Juice, white grape and pomegranate mixed juice. Have you tried it? It is good. The left overs I can take to work and share.

I guess that is all for now. Today’s service was awesome. A reminder of what Christ did for us. Communion was well needed and felt great to receive HIS awe. Actually I receive HIS awe every moment of the day, but to have communion in remembrance of HIM is different and I can’t find the words right now to describe it. I feel renewed and filled with HIS presence.

I hope you all have a Great Labor Day tomorrow. Stay out of trouble. I hope you all know that you mean a great deal to me. My best friends are my online buddies. I have a few sites, and this is one of them.

PS:  No kids this weekend, not by choice, but don’t feel like re-blogging the incident..there is a blog if you want to know and know where to look or just ask. 


This section begins with question 11.

11) "John began this epistle by telling of his personal encounter with Jesus. What is your testimony to the reality of Christ? When did you first know He is the way, the truth, and the life, and when did you put your faith in Him?" (pg 12).

Believe it or not, when I asked a few people this question.  Some were resistant as if there were a wrong answer, some were spouting anything that came to mind, and a few even got upset over it.  Can you imagine?  Not sure why anyone would get upset or feel they have to impress someone.  The simple answers are just as power as the major ones. 🙂  It is HIS glory after all and He can shine in big and small things.

I have so many testimonies, none really that jump out at me at this particular moment.  BUT in my defense, I am rushing against time….I have to go to work soon.  Most recently, the change within myself.  A sense of value or the blessing via the plumbing problem that God took care of for me.  By this I mean a plumbing company came out to my house and fixed a major issue of where my lines were clogged.  I did not have to pay a thing.  Keep in mind this company drove 19 to 29 miles to get here and with gas prices, he didn’t even charge for travel, not his time, and not for the service.  WOW!!!!!  You know what this person said?  He asked if I went to church.  I stated yes and told him which one.  He then responded, "Consider this seed sown."  That was Christ working through him.  I did not have the money, but had to have my drain lines fixed.  God knew this and provided. Hallelujah!!!

I put my faith in him while I was in kindergarten or pre-K, I was about 5 years old, when I came to know my Father and Savior.

I will finish this section later….time for work. Enjoy.

{August 26, 2008}   Christ and Sin: Truth for Today

Did Jesus really exist?  I believe he did and does.  What do you believe?

The answer to this question will determine whether you are truly a child of God or not.

This section basically gives us information on two historians who wrote about Jesus and states He is Christ.  The historians: Tacitus and Josephus.

{August 24, 2008}   Whatever UR Doin’

This song….oh man…it’s perfect in describing how God changes us.  chaos, but heavenly!

Whatever You’re Doing (Something Heavenly) – Sanctus Real

et cetera