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Genuine Salvation… you have it?

You can read this section along with the sections, keys to the text and unleashing the text.  I will share a few things I underlined while reading.

"John cites a moral test of genuine fellowship: obedience to God’s commands.  While subjective assurance of salvation comes through the internal witness of the Holy Spirit, the test of obedience constitutes objective assurance that one is genuinely saved.  He argued that obedience is the external, visible proof of salvation. " page 15, chapter 2

Now does this mean, that when I fail to be obedient that I am doomed? Thankfully no.  Remember Christ died on the cross, so we, the fallen, may be saved.  I have been a Christian for a long time.  Meaning that I have known of His presence, believed, and died to myself becoming reborn in Him.  Now when I was younger, I couldn’t read his word and depended on the older adults, not necessarily my parents.  Which I intend to change for my household.  I have made it a point to study with them and help provide understanding.  So my children will have a knowledge of him an awareness of Him.  Thankfully God had me in His arms at a very young age.  He has guided me through some trials.  Trials I brought upon myself.  Some the enemy brought on me.   He has forgiven me for many things, some you might think are silly.  Like disobeying my parents.  But that is one of His commands. 

Well now in my adult years, I find I still fall flat on my face.  I have allowed situations to get the best of me both in romance and non-romance.  Does this mean my salvation is false.  Thankfully no, but I have to test myself against His word.  Seek His will, His understanding, His wisdom, His knowledge, His Love, His forgiveness, His discernment and all of HIM.  Yes, when we repent with an earnest heart, He is true to his word and forgives.  That doesn’t mean we won’t suffer His wrath, but we will feel His love.  For he disciplines those that belongs to Him. 

Sometimes, I wonder how this world lives day in and day out with out His presences.  I don’t want to live with out HIS presence in my life.  My Salvation is tested on a continual basis against His word.  I don’t take it for granted, do you?  Do you live as He desire or as you desire?

Do you think salvation and judgement are the same?  I do not.  Those that do not know Christ do not have salvation and will be band from heaven.   Both Christians and non-Christians will face Christ on judgement day.  Those however that do know Christ, but fail to keep themselves in ‘right’ standing with Him will face a judgement I do not want to knowAll Christians fail at one point or another for we are mere humans. I thought I would ensure clearity for future readers.  But those who fail and do not repent before judgement day…..well I don’t want to be in their shoes. What will the out come be….read His word.  But, I do know this, I don’t want to be one facing Him on judgement day and not be ready.  When I see the Almighty Father, the GOD of Gods, I want him to look upon me and say, "Well done my good and faithful servant (daughter), with thee I am pleased."  I do my best to live for Him removing myself from the equation, but it is hard to do.  I have to stay in His word and with him always.  I know my name is in the Lambs book of Life, is yours?

There are six questions that follow this section, which I will blog later.  Good night for now.

{September 13, 2008}   Obedience and Love: Drawing Near

1 John 2:3-17

If a stranger approached you on the street corner and asked, "what must I do to be saved?" how would you respond?

I would share the ABC’s first.  A: admit to being a sinner B: believe Jesus is the Christ.  C: confess the sins and the belief in prayer asking Jesus into your heart.  To have the will to die to oneself and become reborn in HIM.  I may add more to the discussion depending on the person, what questions are asked, and depending on what they already know about Jesus.

If that same stranger inquired, "Tell me how you know for sure that you are right with God and headed for heaven," how would you respond?

I live every day, every moment, every second asking Him for HIS will to be done.  I stay in prayer, in HIS word, and acknowledge Him seeking His guidance via the Holy Spirit.  I may fail, for I am human, but I do my best in sacrificing myself so that HE may live through me.

12)  Are you walking in the light and living in joy because of your fellowship with Christ and other believers?  If not, what sins do you need to confess and forsake today?

My response was written several months ago, but still valid today. 🙂

Yes, I walk in the light and pray his light shines through.  Thankfully all known sins have already been cleansed as April 24, 2008 12pm.  Still today too September 2, 2008 6am.

I had a rough Monday, great Saturday and Sunday.  Monday was filled with mixed emotions.  The enemy playing racquet ball in there, but the Lord helped me to overcome.  I had feelings of uselessness, unloved, worthlessness, loneliness, ugliness, all that you can think of.  BUT, I stayed in HIS presences, in HIS word and overcome the battle.  I woke up knowing GOD has my life all prepared and this day belongs to him as I return to work, Chris and Matt return to school.   My heart, soul and mind belong to him.  HIS will not mine. 

Another area I struggled with this weekend was patients, and the enemy did try to tempt me.  I didn’t get to see the man I feel God has sent me, but the enemy was quick to try an supply others.  I stayed faithful to HIM and to one I feel HE sent me.  I stayed faith mentally and physically.  Praise GOD for that.  Ya know we are humans just like those in the world, but the difference is we have a higher source of POWER to overcome this world and its temptations.  We do not have to fall subjective to them.  Make a decision to stay away from it and you can.  It is hard, but as you continue to choose the right choice it gets easier.

I just realized why I had these struggles.  To share with you. 😀  Good Day now, God bless.

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