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{October 30, 2008}   Economy Meltdown

Oh my gosh, people are gripping because the spending habits of citizens dropped this past summer.  What do they expect, when companies all over have laid-off, cut back to top it all off just before all these unemployed positions occurred we had a few big scandals in the major business environments.  Just think there were some scandals within big companies that did not make it to the big time news nation wide. 

I was reading this article entitled Economy shrinks….with a photo of an ice sculpture melting.

All I have to say to this is how can citizens go out spending money, when most are concerned with paying the necessary bills to stay a float.  Who cares about the latest outfit?  UUUaaahhHH.

Okay, I guess you can tell I am frustrated over how the government wants us to spend money thinking it will some how avoid the recession that has begun, not may have.  The government bailed out AIG, which is great, but they should consider other businesses as well.  I am finding it hard to trust working for a living.  No matter how hard I work or how excellent my work is and the fact I have received outstanding marks and praises for my work ethics and abilities I am unemployed.  Perhaps it is the area I am in. 

A book I have finished reading written by Pastor Jentezen Franklin talks about being in the right place.  I must not be in the right place.  I am just waiting for my house to sell to move away.  Going where God wants me to be, then perhaps I will have stability and success via being in the "Will of GOD".  What I want most of all is to be where God wants me to be.  To be associated with the people He wants me to be associated with.


Theresa says:

It is very frustrating.  My heart and prayers go out to you.

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