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{November 13, 2008}   Chapter 7: Wait On The Lord

I apologize for neglecting the study on this book.  I have read this entire book.  It is wonderful.  I have just been so busy with preparing my house for sale.  Seeking a new position and preparing a move.

Well this chapter obviously discuss our ability to be patient and wait.  Not a strong suit of mine.

Isaiah 28:16 "Whoever believes will not act hastily."

Funny how this chapter begins.  He talks about being ashamed to tell people from where he comes from.  I used to be like this to the tenth degree.  I am still sort of, to be truthful, but not so much, maybe to the third degree. 😀  There has been a lot of pain in my life.  I have learned a lesson through each one.  Jesus has held my hand, at other times carried me, and still with me always in the good and bad times.  That is comfort all by itself.  To add to it, He has blessed me in ways that just makes my relationship with him so real and it is true what his word says about how He provides, how He cares and loves us.

It takes time to develop a relationship with another human being.  No doubt in that.  In all aspects of life, the Lord will call us to wait.  When he does, we must listen, no matter how hard the wait is.  I am going through a waiting period now.  Hey, this is how wonderful the Lord works.  I read this chapter a month or more ago, but did not blog it.  I was not going through a waiting period then and now I am.  Hunh. The reality of how real He is to me.  Anyway, He has asked me to do something that took a lot of courage.  I felt as a fool doing it, but did it anyway.  The person I was told to tell a message too didn’t seem to take fully what I was saying, and I was so nervous that I couldn’t get it out.  So I thought, Lord I tried, but the conversation did not go as expected and ended short.  The next day I was in a facetious mood.  By the second day passing, I woke with a burden to attempt giving the message again.  When the Holy Spirit lays a message on your heart, it just won’t go away until it has been delivered.  So I called and this time left a voice message.  The message was blunt and clear to the point. The burden was then gone.  Now I feel as though I am in a waiting period.  Not easy, but I must be obedient.  I pray the wait is not too long. 😀

Then there is the waiting period for my house to sale and my new position to start.  Oh and the waiting period to move and begin a new life in a new place in a new city and a new church.  WOW, the waiting period I am going through. But in the end, I know and trust Christ is at work, and believe He is preparing the way.  As Pastor Franklin states, "We can get into trouble when we don’t train ourselves to wait on the Lord."

"…Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles." Isaiah 40:31

"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord!" Psalm 27:14

Confidence, courage, and endurance becomes stronger when we wait on the Lord.  We are able to face those Goliaths that come into our lives. I like how Pastor Franklin associates our trials with the giant Goliath.  I have an old, old blog on another site from a  couple of years ago during a period I felt I was in a huge battle and was facing a Goliath in my life.  I look back, I am thankful to see I felt as David and not Saul.  Even today I have Goliaths in and out of my life.  Sometimes I feel as though I am a ‘David’ and at other times feel as though I am a ‘Saul’.  One thing I have noticed, which confirms what this chapter’s message is, which is the times where I tried to make things happen by NOT letting go and letting God, I felt like a Saul.  During the times like right now, when I am letting go and letting God, I have peace, confidence, and an assurance all will go according to His will.  In that I will come out doing great with a more bolder courage and longer endurance.


Sheila says:

I know how you feel. There are few things I\’m having to wait for now. I\’ve always considered myself a person of action, so waiting is the hardest thing God asks me to do. I just try to keep in mind he knows exactly what he\’s doing. I hope you don\’t have to wait too long for anything.

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