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{November 22, 2008}   A Merry Heart, Joyful Heart

JOY Is a fruit of the Spirit.

A brother in Christ, Sam, from my connections group at church loaned me one of his DVDs this past Sunday.  Now, I did not ask, nor was I expecting him to just walk up to me and say, "here watch this."  I recognized the speaker, Dr. Jesse Duplantis, and remarked, "Oh I like him, he is great."  Anyway this DVD was given to me long before all the disappointments that later followed this past week.

This past week, I had 3 blows, or in baseball what is known as 3 strikes your out.  But as KJ-52 says, "to all you out there who thought I would fall and crumble and walk away from JESUS, here is a big fat ‘God Bless You.’"  Anyway, this DVD entitled "A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like A Medicine Volume 1".  This DVD has combined clips of Jesse Duplantis and his speaking throughout a few years.   Clips from previous lessons or sermons to bring humor along with a message in sharing the Spirit of God.  This was the medicine my heart needed due to all the disappoints I received this past week.

As Jesse Duplantis says, "You have to embarrass sin, before it embarrasses you."  I agree and have often said, " You have to look sin in the face and deal with it.  In order to maintain a redemptive heart, by repentance."


Theresa says:

Sorry to hear about your bad week. 

Edie says:

I like what he said about "embarassing sin before it embarrasses you". So I had to think what did he mean by that? I\’m thinking that he means exposing sin personally between you and God so it can be dealt with in private before the sin exposes you in public. Yep, sin does need to be dealt with. It makes me think of a certain individual in town whose sin ended up "embarassing" him and now everyone in town knows about his "shady" ways because it was headlines in the newspaper. 

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