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What are unguarded moments? 

Remember when David was anointed as king at seventeen during Saul’s reign?  David did not go to the throne until he was about thirty.  The clock was ticking and none of God’s promises had come to existence in his life.  Is it possible for God to say one thing, but the circumstances of ones life say otherwise?  Pastor Franklin says, "Often, before you reach your dream, you will experience the opposite of what you want."  Interesting….specially now in my life.  WOW, amazing how I waited until now to sit and write or type this blog.  I had notes and have wanted to share this chapter for a while now, but didn’t until this very moment.  Of course, I am re-reading the chapter and notations, but it is so amazing how the Lord speaks to us if we listen.  Isn’t it?

Now remember Abraham and the story of how he was promised a son.  Both he and Rachel become impatient and tried to control things with their own hands, the reason Ishmael was born.  Ishmael became known as the problem child born of Leah.  Later Isaac, the promised child born of Rachel did come to be and God’s promise kept.  Just in case you have forgotten.  Jacob wanted to marry Rachel.  He fell in love with her and wanted to be with her to provide a home for her.  The father agreed to allow him to marry her, but first he had to work for him, her father, for 7 years.  I imagine hard labor considering the type of work and the conditions of that time.  Remember what happened?  The wedding night, Jacob was tricked.  Rachel’s father put her older sister in his room, Leah, who was the oldest and not so attractive according to scripture.  Jacob was upset the next morning when he approached the father.  The father of Rachel and Leah stated their custom of marring off the oldest first, and explained how Jacob would have to work another 7 years for Rachel.  Now, most of you men would have gotten an annulment and went on.  LOL. But Jacob did not, he loved Rachel enough to work another 7 years.  Finally at the end of the 14th year, he was married to Rachel. 

I like how this book states the children of Israel were dreaming of a land flowing with milk and honey, but experienced the desert with no food or water. This shows how the circumstances can seem to go against what God has said.  Do you see how David’s circumstances were opposite of what was promised or expected at first, but then later the promise was fulfilled and the desires were granted?

What about the woman named Abigail?  She was married to a rich man Nabal.  Who turned out to be a foolish man.  David and his men were later insulted by Nabal.  David had reached a point of wondering whether or not if he really heard God say that he would reign as king or if he was just fantasizing.  In his unguarded moment, David assembled four hundred of his meanest men, warriors.  David sought out to kill Nabal and his entire family.  You could say David lost it.  I can relate to David sometimes.  Anyway, here he was promised to be king and was belittled by Nabal in a since he felt he had to defend his own honor.  In this chapter, Pastor Franklin explains this by using, endless loads of thankless laundry, screaming children, unsympathetic bosses, then somebody cuts you off in traffic and you just want to scream. A feeling of "I can’t take it anymore!" comes over you.  You have reached that breaking point, that is an unguarded moment.

By Abigail’s discernment, she knew to intercede on her husband’s behalf and to honor David, the man of God.  Later in the story, God revenged David and killed Nabal.  Nabal died an unexpected death.  David did not have to murder or kill Nabal himself.  Abigail later becomes one of David’s wives.

Anyway, by David waiting and accepting the peace offering from Abigail, David showed reverence to God and God in the end kept his promise and showed favor over David.  Our human emotion is unpredictableGod is very aware of this, for He did create us.  We are not exempt from those moments, moments of life that bring out the rawest deepest emotions.  In fact, it is at those moments we can see what is buried in our own hearts. The Holy Spirit reveals to us our own areas needing improvements.  The sin in our heart is revealed.  Thankfully we do have His saving grace.  He will forgive us, but we must first acknowledge this sin and ask for forgiveness.  If we ask for His help to change that which needs to be changed removing any ungodliness in us, He will give us understanding and wisdom to change what needs to be and clean out our hearts.  To become more righteous for Him to glorify Him. As times passes by and we grow in our spiritual walk, we find our hearts are being cleaned out.  I like who I am becoming, for the simple reason I know I am walking with Him and allowing Him to live through me.  It is His light shining through.  No, I am not saying I am perfect or without error.  But my heart is becoming more pure as my relationship with Christ becomes closer and deeper.  Anyway, we must learn the error of our ways in order for us not to do them again.  Also to prevent losing our reputation, testimony and ministry during those unguarded moments. 

I realized, I failed most recently.  I had a friend that when we met it was for the purpose of checking each other out to see if we were compatible for long term goal of marriage.  But we disagreed about the Holy Spirit, at this point our relationship became merely friendship based on his end.  I remember he stated that we did not see eye to eye on this matter therefore marriage would never be possible.  We spoke for a while, but shortly lost communication for a period of 8 months.  During those 8 months, we lived our lives separately.  I might have heard from him once or twice in response to my communication with him.  When we began talking again.  I was surprised, yet felt a sense of joy.  It was friendly and less biblical this time.  At first, it was mere friendship, I thought he was dating.  He stated he was not.  My heart jumped with joy, but this is where I messed up.  I allowed my own desire to surface.  Rather then seeing the opportunity to witness to him and share more of God’s Word, but you see in my mind, I felt he was wiser then me and God would reveal things to him on His own.  He has more college degrees than I, so I didn’t want to debate the issue.  I mean come on, it is written in God’s Word plain and simple.  If he was reading God’s Word he would figure it out.  That is where I went wrong again.  I found my self wanting to date him rather then witness to him.  Later when we met, I let my flesh interfere.  Rather then witnessing as a friend, I found myself in one of those unguarded moments.  I failed.  I feel as though I lost my opportunity to share Jesus with him and have lost my reputation and testimony as well.  Only time will tell if our friendship is still intact or not.  Whether God will trust me again to witness to my friend or not is yet to be revealed.  I share this merely to state the obvious, we are human.  God does want us to be more cautious and aware of our surrounding.  To be more keen to His Spirit and open to those opportunities to witness and share our testimonies.  To be aware of the enemy’s attempt to interfere, to tempt us, and to cause us to fail.

If we allow ourselves to become a vessel for Jesus, we can become a voice of discernment for others.  The book asks, "Is there anyone in your life who is in transition?  Like David, are they in that in-between place where they just can’t seem to get where they are trying to go?"  That is me right now.  LOL.  We are to ask God to give us discernment and a wise tongue, so that we can become the voice of discernment, speaking the Word of God into their life during their unguarded moment, preventing them from throwing away their destiny.  It is easy to believe in ourselves when everything is going according to plan and we are on top of the world, but to stay in confidence and faith during those trying times and to rejoice takes His strength via His Holy Spirit.  "Those with the gift of discernment will speak out in the valley, calling things that are not as though they were," says Pastor Franklin.  Hmmm.  I do this.  People look at me as though I am insane.  Some have commented as such.  I like this comment by Pastor Franklin, "The discerning believer sees potential in people when they don’t see it."  We as Christians should lift each other up rather then belittling them.  We are to encourage rather then bring doubt.  If we ask God for the right words to speak, we can help restore dreams in the lives of those in transition.

Sometimes we see ‘leaving’ easier then ‘staying’.  One might give up on another because they can not see the potential only the hopelessness and writes them off as a lost cause.  Basically some Christians or even non-Christians will give up too easily.  Some will turn their backs on others and some even on Christ.  This is sad in itself, but it is truthful.  We as Christians should grab hold of those in transition to provide accountability and wise council to encourage allowing Christ to provide strength through us. 

Basically the point of this chapter is, "Never underestimate the power God has placed in you to discern for loved ones." The Holy Spirit will speak to you when your family needs encouragement.  Your tongue can make or break your loved ones or anyone for that matter.  Remember we are to love one another, hence loved ones.  We are given impressions of those in our lives by the Holy Spirit for a reason.  We must simply pray and wait for the right time in their lives when God will open the door for us to speak to them.  Discernment will let us know when to back off giving them some space, and when to speak up with the truth that has been revealed to us.


{December 3, 2008}   Unashamed Christian
This says it all. It was like hearing my thoughts via another vessell of Christ.


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