Stay Cool! God Bless

{January 10, 2009}   The Best Night So Far In 2009

This day started like any other.  It progressed as any other, but late afternoon the day changed.  God was good to me and took what could have been a miserable night and turned it into a wonderful night.  As you read, you will see.

Monday, January 5th and the weekend just ending, one would think the cold weather was over, but today, Tuesday, January 6th the temp is continuing to drop.

Not to mention my ex forgot to return Matt’s coat, so now I must drive to pick it up, and it seems my ex does not want to meet half way. I might have to drive to OKC. Tonight is dodge ball night, and guess what Matt is asking to do…….yep…….yep you got it……he wants to go. If I had a job, I would just buy him another coat, but I can not afford to do that, plus Matt has a brand new coat already this year which I sent with him when he went to visit his dad. So my delima is this, do I put tons of clothes on my kid for him to feel uncomfortable and take them off anyway, or do I drive to OKC?

LIFE….never simple.

Turns out I did drive to OKC, but thankfully my ex met me on the edge of town as I was coming into the city. Matt slept in the car on the drive up. He was hungry; there was a subway in the gas station where we met, so I bought him a sandwich. Then he was all siked about going to play dodge ball.

So I prayed and prayed asking God to prepare the way for me to take Matt to play dodge ball. I was shaking and terrified out of nervousness, but prayed for Jesus to give me courage and for His light to shine. As we walked in, we were greeted by other kids. There were kids ranging from 5 ish to teens and some older with a few other adults. They seemed full of joy. I looked eagerly around to spot Jase. He was right in the middle of the room, I didn’t even recognize him. He had grown a full facial beard. He looked different, but he still looked good. In fact he looked handsome and …..well anyway, I kept a distance. To be honest, I had more little kids come up to me needing my attention, there wasn’t anytime for me to pay attention to Jase. LOL. At first, I was lucky to miss every ball that came my way for several games, but there were a few times I would sit down anyway when the numbers were low. I even threw the ball a few times. Once I could barely make the ball go across the room. The second time, the person I aimed at, caught it. LOL Then one of the children claimed to have hurt his knee, so I walked him to the bench, rubbed his knee, and then extended his leg. In a joking manner told this little boy, his name I have forgotten….I am terrible with names, "Awe your fine, you just banged it a little, nothing is broken." We laughed it off, he went back into the game to play and I watched.

Then there was a time of devotional and prayer, very nice. I enjoyed it. Then we went back to dodge ball, but switched sides. I did not like the opposite side, I couldn’t find a spot that suet me. There was a different child who needed my attention, God’s love through me. Turns out he did not bang his head all that hard, but made me think he did, but before I realized this I had walked him to the bench to sit with him. There was no knot appearing, but he seemed in pain. I explained that he might need to sit out to calm down. I could feel the body heat from this child due to running around. Jase walked over. I asked him for some ice, he shook his head. He then tended to the child. I stepped aside. I went back into the game, I did not like this side of the gym. This side brought the end of my good luck. I got hit twice, once in the arm and the second time in the chest. Just as I was feeling comfortable again to go for the ball and throw it, the game was over.

Jase had bought pizzas for everyone. After he prayed, the kids went for the food. I stayed wanting attention as every female does, right? LOL I asked Jase what the rules of the game were, now mind you I had been asking different kids and learned most of them already, but I still wanted to hear them, to hear Jase’s voice. I know I am terrible. He said he had to stay and clean up first, so I said okay. I waited. Then I decided to go ahead and leave, I asked another child to take my son into the other room to get one piece of pizza. Jase told everyone to start with four then go back for more. I told my son one, due to him already eating a sandwich, and I knew he could not eat them all. I would rather he get one, and then go back for another. I was too nervous to eat. You all know how women can be? As I was leaving, Jase came up to me to answer my question. He did tell me a few things I was not aware of or had not been told yet, so I did learn more of the rules. I couldn’t help but stare at his face. I would look away toward the floor, but look back. He looked great!!!! Even with all the facial hair. Earlier in the even during a small chat on the bench he stated, "I know why men grow a beard. It’s definitely warmer with it." I smiled, I don’t think he saw the smile. Anyway, I remember asking him, "Under arm throw? Above arm throw?" When all along, I sort of knew what he was talking about, but needed to prolong the instructions. LOL. I thanked him for the instruction as we walked down the hall leading to the room where the pizza was. Matt was coming out, as I put his coat on Jase invited me into the other room for pizza. I was so nervous and didn’t know what else to talk about, so I replied, "No, I must get on the road." He tells Matt, "Bye Matt, Do you want to come get a second piece to eat in the car, to get your mom’s car all greasy?" Matt grinned and giggled. He shook his head no. We then left. On the freeway, guess who finishes the one slice? You got it, me.

As I drove home, I thought about the evening. We got home about 10:40 pm, not bad and Matt slept in the car. He is off to school now. Anyway, there was a little boy who gave me a hug, then asked if that was okay. I was like sure. Then another who sat by me during the devotion and prayer. This was the little boy whos knee I rubbed. When Jase asked if there were any prayer request. This little boy raised his hand. He asked to pray for me. AWE!!! I was … words to explain the joy and peace I felt.

It was a SuPeRB night for sure! God sure did change a long night on the road (4 hours and 20 minutes all together, going and coming) into a most remember able time. That 1 hour and 30 minutes attending the dodge ball ministry Jase leads was well worth the drive. His group has grown so much. Turns out last night, Jase was celebrating the annual anniversary of the dodge ball ministry, 6 years. He kept stressing that is was a day early, but Tuesday is their night to meet. It was a special time for everyone.


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