Stay Cool! God Bless

{February 28, 2009}   It IS Official

I am employed…. THANKS for all your prayers.


{February 25, 2009}   Undeveloped Character

I just heard this commercial on a Christian radio station. It mentioned that through trials, we are given the opportunity to develop undeveloped character within us. I was like, YEAH!!!

Remember yesterday, I blogged that I felt part of me that was dead or not born was being restored and brought to life. That He who is in me was blooming and shinning through. This relates to undeveloped character.

When we are dead and become reborn in Him, He is so faithful in transforming us into His image removing those parts of us that made us conform to the world or of the world is wiped out. In time, the old us is gone for good.

{February 25, 2009}   Greetings Everyone

I hope you all are having a great 2009 year thus far.  I just wanted to say, "I appreciate your comments, prayers, and letters."

I will continue the discussions on the two books that are open for discussion on my page.  I know it has been a while, but you know me, I blog these chapters as I feel prompted to or have the words.  I do always pray for His words.

This year will be a great year for me.  I know Christ is with me and I am feeling God’s love more then words can say.  I give glory to God.  I must say, for once in my life, I was able to rejoice in the good and even the bad, because I stayed focused on Him.  I will plan to remain focused on Him.  When He answers our prayers, this does not mean we can pull away on the contrary we should strive to grow even closer to Him.

I have prayed you all will be blessed this next month.

I have been given a job.  Whoo hoo!!! Pending the outcome of a back ground check, drug test, and supervisor approval.  The back ground check, I do not fear this due to nothing in my back ground that would hinder me.  I also do not fear the drug test, for I do not do drugs.  The reason for supervisor approval, the interviewer is recommending me for a higher position then the position applied for at a better pay rate.  THIS is GOD’s Favor in my life and the result of God’s hands in all this.  I should be starting on March 16th.  I will be hearing from them by Friday to confirm the start dateI am so blessed and thankful to finally share how God has answered all our prayers.   This position has so many benefits, more then the typical benefits I had hoped for given through the State and Federal branches of government.  The position I had hoped for via the State branch is still open, but the agency has yet to pull the list.  Many of us were praying for a permanent position that would be challenging to me and help me to grow and succeed, also to have benefits.  Well, this one is going to be a competitive one on a daily basis, and with Christ in me and His help I will succeed.  I couldn’t believe I read this as one of the benefits, get ready you will laugh, "Insurance for my pets."  I do not have any pets, but hey that is good for one who does.

The house has had a verbal offer, but had to turn it down due to being too low.  I sent a counter offer and hope to hear whether the buyer will accept it or not.  I trust God to place the right number on one of the viewer’s heart placing a written offer to purchase or this buyer who had a verbal offer to accept the counter offer.

I have found a place in OKC and will be moving Saturday.   I am excited!!!

God has even worked out child care.  The day care and a nanny are very close to where I will be living.  Turns out I will be living like 7 to 10 minutes from work.  WOW!!! With traffic I am predicting 15 to 20 minutes.

Just thought I would share something.  Christ is the bride, we are the lovers… Songs of Solomon 2:1 where the bride is compared to the Lily of the valley.  I am also His lily in the valley.  A valley is shadowed in darkness due to light not being allowed down into the valley due to the slopes blocking it.  A lily blooms in the dark, and when put in the sun, the lily will dry up and shiver away.  Well, I do not plan to dry up or shiver a way, but I too have bloomed while in the valley.  Through these past struggles, I feel as though a part of me that was dead or not born has been restored or brought to life.  I feel as though HE that is in me is blooming and shinning through.  …..  I just feel so thankful to have this assurance of HIS love for me and this relationship with God.  

This will be another exciting week, as I finish packing and waiting to hear about my start date, the offer on this house, etc.

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