Stay Cool! God Bless

With a lot of changes in my life,  I have not been blogging much or even online a whole lot.  Lately though it has been on my heart to finish this online study.  We only lack 6 chapters in this book.  I have read the entire book and just before the big move, I had a rough draft for Chapter 10, but held off.  In a way I am glad, because now after a few major changes in my life, I have a different point of view to the material in this chapter.  I intend to review the chapter and pray for God’s words to post in the Chapter 10 blog, and I hope to post a blog in July.

My apologies for the lack of time I have had these days to blog/post here.  I hope each and everyone of you are doing great and your lives are filled with an abundance of joy and peace.


et cetera