Stay Cool! God Bless

Recently I was miss-judged.

Men did not look am me to see the Christ in my life, rather they judge my appearance and blame me for their own thoughts. I was recently accused of things that would go against my nature.  I have sought prayer and the Word for guidance to learn what it is I must learn from this recent trial/persecution.  This video pointed out the appearance a woman takes. 

I try to dress simple.  I thought I did pretty well at this considering many I know have fancy clothes and jewelry, but they have the money I do not have.  Then I realized compared to a few others, I appear to them as one who dresses fancy when really it is just work clothes.  I have stopped wearing jewelry, but even with out it, my work clothes seem dressy.  Especially when I go to a location where poverty is running ramped.  I do occasionally wear some jewelry, but again it is simple compared to many I know, who happen to be very wealthy. 

Anyway, this video along with the 10 videos Paul Washer has on dating has helped me realize men think and look at women 100% differently then we look at men.  I look at a man to see how strong mentally and physically he is; now I am not speaking of muscle per say, but rather his noble character.  How he handles responsibility.  How dependable he is.  How he interacts with others.  What kinds of things interest him?  Will he be loyal, etc? Not as a sexual item as they look at us.  I guess you could say it is due to how we are made genetically.  Man did/do receive more red blood cells at birth then the female which helps with their masculinity.  Anyway, I am now more aware of how a woman can affect a man with the slightest stroke of her hair, the way she carries herself when walking or sitting, and even in the way she may glance at him.  Sometimes, I wish I knew all the do(s) and don’t(s) in human behavior when it comes to the opposite sex.  Perhaps, I would not have lost a good man.  I did not intend to make him feel uncomfortable or want to cause him to sin with his thoughts or feel guilty for anything he has done or thought.  All I can do is learn from this whole experience, as I have been trying to do.  I have asked God many questions lately about myself, men, and this particular situation.  I am finally at peace after 3 weeks of torment.

Anyway enjoy this video.


I know nothing! 

I knew this before watching these videos. You see, I never dated in high school or even in college. Now that I find myself single again, not by choice, I do not date now, not because I don’t have offers, because I do.  I am going on with my life.  Really what other choice do I have but to move forward.  I choose not to go out and live a life this world suggests in order to meet men.  Like clubs and bars.  Does this mean I want to be alone? Of course NOT!!  

I do not want to go out and end up with the wrong one. In God’s timing, the right man will cross my path, God willing.

I have only allowed my heart to truly love one man, my ex-husband. There recently was a man I met in 2006, I thought he just might be the right one to last until eternity. I allowed my heart to care and have love for him, but we never dated per say.  Before we could enter into a dating or courting type of relationship it came to an end. I still think of him and pray for God’s best for him. But, a girl knows when a man is pushing her a way. I later offered friendship, but he couldn’t be just friends.  He didn’t seem to know what he wanted really.

Long story short, I am enjoying single life until the time the right one appears.

The bible says a man can not date a girl a long time and go without sex, that is why marriage is best for a man who wants a girl he is interested in and has dated a while.  Don’t test yourself to see how long you can go without sex, because you will fail.

The last one is the best.  How a guy can mis-lead a girl.

I know there are all styles of music, and I like many styles. This song may not be liked by many due to the style but LISTEN to the words.

The second video really helped me today!!!

The song "We Apologize"  I felt it was an apology to me.  I found myself with my world shattered and everything upside down.  Thankfully God is real in my life and Jesus is with me always.  He is who gives me the ability to forgive.  Forgiveness is a thing that must be done to find peace, even when that person has not asked for it or does not even recognizes it.

et cetera