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{September 30, 2009}   Survey Results

I took this survey online and wanted to share the results.


You are true to yourself and everyone around you. Any obstacle that stands in your way is bound to be crushed with the help of your friends. Since you are so open and real with people, they feel passionate for the person you really are and respect the way you handle yourself. With honesty and friends by your side, you will never lose your way.


{September 28, 2009}   To my online friends and family. :D

Just thinking about different people in my life and those who seemed to have just passed through for a short period of time. I hope everything is working out for the best in your life today. 🙂 God Bless Everyone…Good night.

I have a draft in progress for chapter 10……… SO SORRY for the delay, but to be honest, I think the delay had to happen before I could write on this chapter.  My original draft was positive and good, but too quick to relate, but not necessarily understanding the entire content and meaning until now.

Maybe in the morning I will finish it up.  I do thank you for your understanding and patients. 😀

I could not not share.

I had to share this.  This was actually given back in 2001, right after the 9-11 incident.  The attack on America. It was the first Sunday after, but why I wanted to share this is because the war.  Where is the war really?  Isn’t the war here on our own soil?  The war allowing us to express our faith. 

We all have rights, those that don’t believe and those that do.  It seems those that don’t want to hear it are acting and preventing us who believe from speaking out.  Well at least they are trying.

What about the comercials that promote sensuallity, drinking, etc.  Why should we be exposed to those things when we don’t want to see them or hear fawl language. Especially during sports events. Why is it that we are not standing up in congress gaining our rights back to pray in school or public meetings?  After all this country’s founding fathers were strong believers and founded our country on biblical principals.

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