Stay Cool! God Bless

Reputation is who people think you are. 

Character is who your family knows you are.

I will let you think on this for a minute.

Now this chapter is very intense and may even hit home to some men out there.  Even women who are dealing with a life without a man, a male role.

Malachi 4: 5-6, “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.  And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.

In summary this scriptures says, before the coming of Jesus, there will be a turning of the hearts of the fathers back to their children.  Now this was in the Old Testament, but still affects us today in this generation.  Wait, listen before you rebuttal. 

As Pastor Franklin says, “There is a difference between being a male and being a man.  Just because you’re a male, that doesn’t make you a man.”  I couldn’t agree or say it any better then that.

What is a real man?

Some of you men may measure yourself by muscles, or how successful you are in business.  Shouldn’t you, as a man, be judged by the moral fiber  you are made of, or how successful you are in the home?  Isn’t this a better way to measure a man?

According to Pastor Jentezen Franklin it is, and in this chapter in his book he explains why.  I will do my best to portray my thoughts and his lesson the best I can in this post. 

He first begins by discussing marriage.  He states that a real marriage has to go beyond moonlight and roses to daylight and dishes.  We all have heard similar phrases through out life.  But isn’t it so very true?  Marriage has to go beyond the sex to sensitivity, from romance to responsibility.  I liked how he puts emphasis on the importance of a man in a home by putting in some know statics at the time this book was published. 

These statics are:  In a home where the father is a committed Christian, the children have a 75% chance of growing up to become committed Christians themselves.  But in a home where only the mother is a committed Christian, that number drops to 23%.

Now he did not list the statics for a home with both parents being committed Christian, but I would suspect this percentage would be even greater then 75% very close to 99% to a 100%.

Pastor Franklin discusses the cutting away of fleshly things and becoming re-sanctified.  I discusses the verse in Joshua 5:2 At that time the Lord spoke to Joshua.  He said, ‘Make knives out of hard stone. Circumcise the men of Israel.’  God was basically saying, “Sanctify them again,” as pastor Franklin states.   Every man knows circumcision is cutting of the flesh that designated Jewish men as set apart to be used by God.  That is what it meant then, most people see circumcise as a way to keep the male gender clean.  Hmmm the word clean, interesting, it means to be free from dirt, unsoiled, unstained, unadulterated, to be pure.  The truth is , you’ve been carrying some fleshy things in spite the circumcision.  Haven’t you?  If not, then great!  Some of you men do these things, as pastor Franklins says, “thinking that God will just sort of wink at it – ‘Boys will be boys.’ But God is saying something different.”  

God wants to do a ‘new’ thing in your life and it requires a re-sanctification in every man’s life.  I like how Franklin states it, “God is saying, ‘I want their eyes to be sanctified.  I want their hearts to be sanctified.  I want their eyes to be sanctified.  I want their hearts to be sanctified.  I want their minds and their spirits to be be pure.  I don’t want them just coming to church and taking a secondary role in spiritual things in the home.’”

Franklin describes circumcision as a cutting in those hidden, sensitive places.  Men need to deal with those secret issues, those fleshly things that are hanging on to them, hindering them from receiving God’s unprecedented blessings!  If men would burden themselves to cry out to God for their wives and children, God would save their families.  See in Ezekiel 9:4-6  “The Lord said to him, ‘Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry over all abominations that re done within it.’  To the others He said in my hearing, ‘Go after him through the city and kill; do not let  your eye spare, nor have any pity. … But do not come near anyone on whom is the mark.’Notice the last part of this passage, if there’s not a man in that house who will carry the burden, then the destroyer will slay the women and the children.

Now you are probably thinking that this does not apply due to the coming of Jesus Christ and the grace we are under stated in the New Testament, but please bare with me as I continue to illustrate the role and purpose of a ‘man’ that pastor Franklin illustrates in this chapter so well.

Suppose we are living in just such days when the devourer, the enemy better known as Satan, is targeting our children and your wives.  Or woman, your husbands.  Don’t you think this time is now?  We see such an increase in divorces.  An increase in women wanting the control in a relationship hungry for the fleshly desires just as a man.  I would say our times are just as sinful as those times in the Old Testament. Thankfully we do have Jesus, our redeemer, who sent His Holy Spirit to be our helper, councilor, and director.  But do we listen?  I know I try to. 

Anyway getting back to this lesson.   Men, there may have been a time you could get by with being secondary spiritually in allowing your wife to do the praying and Bible reading, etc.  and I must say I agree with Franklin on this, “We’re living in an hour when I believe God is marking homes.”  God is saying, “There needs to be a man in every home who knows how to cry out , who knows how to pray for himself.”  Franklin sates, The pastor of your church is not the spiritual head of your home; you are.  It is time for you to cry aloud.  It is time to mark your home for the blessing.  I would have to agree.

Those of you who know me and my situation are probably asking how could I agree with this due to being a divorced single mother raising her son.  This is why, I pray seeking whom God has for me, not going out looking for it in some club or some party.  I stay home.  I get involved in my community, my church, my work, and most importantly in the lives of my children.  When it is time, God will reveal to me the man He has for me.  One that will take the role and responsibility of the home and care for my son and perhaps I would have more children God wiling so this man and I would have created yet another blessing to share.

Anyway, back to this book.

Grow Up Into Discernment

1 Corinthians 13:11, Paul said, When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.  He is not necessarily speaking of a physical age. 

As Franklin stated, “There are some men out there who are locked in a protracted state of childhood.  Children act like children. ‘But when I became a man…’ It’s time for some of you to grow up.”

I like this phrase and it is so true not only for the male gender but also the female gender as well.  Moving from childhood to manhood (adulthood), Franklin says, “People who know you should be able to look at you a year from now and see that you’ve got bigger faith, bigger commitment, a bigger prayer life, and bigger dedication to God.”  Unfortunately there are some, many, stuck in spiritual childhood.  Paul said, “I put away childish things.”  It is a choice and action.  It was not something God did for him, but what he did for himself.

Curse Of The Fatherless

Pastor Franklin writes about a story where baby male elephants were separated from the older male elephants.  To the Kruger National Park and the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Reserve in South Africa, these younger male elephants with no mature influence in their lives formed into a gang and their behavior became violent killing the rare white rhino in this new region they had been moved to.  This behavior was not in their nature.

Now in America, don’t we hear of stories of gang violence, vandalism, rapes, shootings and worse like trafficking women and men of all ages.  Could this be because we do not have older mature men speaking into the lives of our younger men, mentoring and developing and maturing and teaching them in what is acceptable behavior verses what is unacceptable?  Same for the women over the daughters.  Even the father over the daughters in guiding them of how the male mind works, or the mother in explaining to the sons how a female heart and mind works.  Just a thought.

Men and Women Are Different

In conception of a child, the woman always provides the “x” chromosome because it is all the female has.  The man has both the “x” and “y” chromosomes.  He is determines the sex of a child.  I like how Franklin states, “If this is true in the natural world, think about the influence of a father to give identity to his children in the spiritual world.”  What a thought…huh?

Perhaps the greatest difference between male and female is how our brains are wired. I will quote Franklin on this part. He states:

At conception, men and women are basically identical.  But after a few days, men are washed by the chemical testosterone.  The moment this chemical hits the brain of the male child, it instantly destroys some of the connecting fibers between its left and right side.  This chemical never flows through the woman’s body; therefore, the left and right sides of her brain stay connected.  This is proof that the men are literally brain damaged at birth!  This frying of the connection between the right and the left sides of the brain causes the man to be lateral in his thinking.  He only uses one side of the brain at a time.  It’s a medical fact.

Women think using both sides of the brain. They’re like radar all the time, noticing everything.  Men on the other hand, are more logical, trying to make A plus B equal C.  Women on average, are more sensitive than men, sensitive to sound and light, as well as emotions.

Left side of the brain is challenge-oriented, focused on objectives and goals.  Where as the right side of the brain is more feeling-oriented, nurture-oriented and is better at remembering.

Both a Man and Woman are important in the home to provide the balance, stability, and protection it so needs.  As a single mother, I depend on my church to provide the strong male leadership for my sons.   There has to be men in the church willing to say, “Lord, I’m Yours,” allowing God to use them in the influences of my sons and others’ sons.  Same with women over single men homes with daughters. 

This chapter goes on to give examples of how men can be a better influences by taking action and how he can develop spiritual discernment to feel when things aren’t right in the household.  It is not just something women do.  It is easier for the female then the male due to the structure of how our minds work, but it is possible for a man to do.

He talks about the Trial of Pressure.  God does allow all of us to endure some kind of trial, complaint, and even false accusation to come into your life.  I have personally experienced this.  God will take His lamp and put it on your spirit as I hope and pray he does mine.  To allow those around me to see HIM in my life.  I have become stronger spiritually and emotionally because of these trials.  God wants to see if I have the right spirit in the face of adversity.  He wants to see if I am able to bless those who curse you (me), and pray for those who spitefully use you (me)  Luke 6:28

I couldn’t have said it any better then Franklin when he says, “It is in time of pressure, times of crisis, that your real spirit will come out.”  We are not perfect.  We as humans will mess up.  Thankfully God goes beneath the surface to illuminate our spirits.   So others can see how much light we are putting off through our spirit.    No matter what has happened to you in life; no matter who has hurt you; no matter who undermines your work; no matter what happens in your marriage or in your home, you need to have God’s spirit, not a bitter, unforgiving, and angry spirit.

The Spirit of Jesus

Jesus was going to the cross in the next twenty-four hours, and what did He do?  Jesus took a basin of water and a towel, and went around the table, washing the feet of His disciples. (John 13:4-5)  He even washed the feet of Judas, the very man He knew was about to betray Him.  Could you wash the feet of a person about to betray you?  Jesus demonstrated for them what a true spirit of a servant would do.  He also showed forgiveness toward Judas.  Jesus then instructed his disciples, “If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet” (verse 14).   Are we not His disciples?  Yes, we are.   How much light does your spirit give off?  Your attitude His light will shine through. 

Project the Spirit of Jesus

So I leave you with this, when people curse you, persecute you, you move on, but when you have the chance to reconcile, reconcile.  When you have the chance to get back at someone who has harmed you, hold back.  It doesn’t matter how much one has offended you, get over it.  The desire of the heart of a man of God says, “ Make me like Jesus.  Give me the spirit of forgiveness.  Give me the spirit of purity.  Give me the spirit of holiness.  Give me the spirit of love.  Give me the Spirit of Jesus.”  Remember, Power withholding itself is far greater then power exerting itself in anger.


{October 25, 2009}   Online Studies

I am working on the post for Chapter 11 in the book Right People, Right Place, Right Plan ~ The Discerning Man, and will post as soon as possible.  That is if your interested and still following along with this study.  Perhaps is it only for my benefit, perhaps not.  I do realize there was a huge gap in time between chapter 9 and 10.   I feel there was a reason for it.  Honestly if I had posted my first draft, it would have been entirely different then the final version.  Anyway, those of you who know me, know I pray and seek God’s guidance when sharing on this discussion. 

Recently I have posted more unrelated posts.  Posts that share a bit more of who I am and what I am undergoing.  Not sure I will keep doing that on this site because I do want to keep it more closely related to the discussions on the related books I am writing on.  I won’t delete the already posted blogs, but I do have another MSN Live Spaces page for things related to my personal life.  Although when sharing on some of these topics, I can’t help but share how God has worked in my life.  Therefore you will see a side of me other won’t.  If this makes any sense at all. 🙂 

Free hugs out to you on a Sunday afternoon.


{October 22, 2009}   Thinking of Some Teens Out There

For years, I have felt a calling to work with the youth, young adult.  I, myself, have stood in my own way.  This video not only brought joy to me, but reminded me of this call.  I will have to start praying about some things for myself that I have put off.  Some missions work that has been on my heart and soul for a while.  Join me in praying for direction in how I can full fill this call.

I have a teen that is in that era of his life of taking the risk of doing things he knows he shouldn’t. As a mother, all I can do is pray for him and trust God to guide him.  What I like about KJ – 52 and a whole lot of other Christian artist, it that the music won’t put you to sleep and it will interact with the young mind in ways that a praise and worship song may hit the surface of their ears, but the words not register in their minds. As with music and sites that are geared to grab and hold their attention. 

Anyway, cool video.

{October 21, 2009}   Just a thought

The United States is not a 100% Christian nation.  While reaching far countries is still very crucial in spreading His Word, we must not forget our own nation.  It still needs saving as well.  🙂

Basically this chapter starts off with the following scripture:

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those [women, NASB] who proclaimed it. Psalms 68.11

Simple enough, isn’t it?

Actually, discernment does not come easy for either gender.  Sometimes our own ideals, wants and desires can construed the intend of the message or the discerning message from the Holy Spirit given by the Lord Almighty.

I like the beginning sentence in this chapter, “One of Satan’s greatest fears is that women will find out who they really are and what a significant role they play in his ultimate downfall.”  Jentezen Franklin basically states women are God’s secret weapon.

He begins with showing how God used women in a male-dominated culture, Jewish culture at that. He first talks about Deborah.  She was a prophetess who discerned God’s instruction, but unlike men, she did not hesitate and took action to make a difference. This is in the book of Judges.

I really liked this phrase, “You have to believe in yourself, if only because God believes in you.”  This can be hard for many to do, self-confidence.  Especially if life has handed you bad apples and given reason not to believe in oneself.  Notice the part about “…if only because God believes in you.”  Meaning we need no other reason to know we are special and have a purpose.

Basically if you feel called to do something or feel lead to do something, then do it.  Don’t worry about your short coming or what you do not have.  Step out if faith and trust Him.  He will make up the difference. God is the Creator, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. There is nothing He can not do or supply or equip.

This chapter goes into to sharing about Jael.  Remember her?  She was a mere housewife.  Remember when Sisera, the evil captain of the Canaanite army came into her tent thinking she was no threat? Here he was a mighty fighter, warrior killed by this simple, feeble housewife.  Her weapon, a tent peg. 

Pastor Franklin points out how Jacob used women for protection in the book of Genesis.  I did not recall this until this book pointed it out. He basically put all the women in the front lines and then he hide behind them.  Esau and his 400 soldiers approached, Esau saw the women and what did he do?  Well, I will tell you.  He broke down and cried.  This showed the presence of women on the front line altered the spirit of the enemy. WOW!!!  Amazing, isn’t it?

When the Sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices, that they might come anoint Him. Very early in the morning, they came to the tomb when the sun had risen….Now when He (Jesus) rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene. As Pastor Franklin states, “Here was the greatest single moment in the history of the world, and the only witness was a woman.” I have to agree with Pastor Franklin on this, this is ironic proof that Scripture comes from God and not from men.  You see in the Jewish culture, women had few rights.  They couldn’t teach or even become educated. They weren’t allowed lots more.  You will have to read about it. 😀  I like this statement in this chapter as well, “God knew that only a discerning woman would be able to see and believe that, contrary to apparent circumstances, Jesus is alive!”

I think this is my most favorite part in this whole chapter:  The kind of women God used in the lineage of Jesus Christ. There are four of the “bad girls” of the Old Testament.  Rahab was a harlot, Ruth was a former pagan and outcast widow with no right to marry an Israelite, Bathsheba was an adulteress, and Tamar was the widow who seduced her father-in-law. (Matthew 1:3, 5-6) God could have chosen better women to make up the genealogy tree of Jesus, but Pastor Franklin believed God deliberately chose these four women because He was trying to teach us about the power of redemption.  I must say I agree. I like how he goes on to say this, if these types of women could be part of the physical family of Jesus Christ, then maybe the spiritual family of Christ, which is the church, can also include women with sordid pasts, now washed and cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I may not be all that God wants me to be or all I ought to be, but I thank Him I am not what I used to be.

Breaking Free From Your Self

We can make a difference. To become discerning woman in God’s army, we need to break free from the bondage of self-pity, self-loathing, and low self-esteem. Many things that happen to us in life can bind us in chains that keep us from being who God has called us to be. God calls us to walk through the valley, not wallow in it. 

I just realized this is what I was saying just earlier today to a friend via my audio blogs about pain and trials that confront us.  We get through them with God’s help and one way is through forgiveness.  That way the pain is not one of those chains Pastor Franklin was speaking of.  A chain that binds us and keeps us from being who God called us to be.

Pastor Franklin list four things:

1) Trace It

When did it start? What events or attitudes from your past have contributed to your current state? It’s time to cut it out.

2) Face It

Admit to God and to people you trust that you have a problem. Simply say, “I need help, Lord; I’m struggling with this.” Whatever has been locked away needs to be brought out into the light of day.

3) Erase It

Let it all go. “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9)  Erase all sin and offense by applying the blood of Jesus Christ.

4) Replace It

Let the Holy Spirit fill the void.  Ephesians 5:18 says, “Be filled with the Spirit.”  Renew your mind in the Word.  Think God’s thoughts, and ask God for a fresh baptism of joy.  Isaiah 61:3 teaches us to put on “the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.”

Remember that God will always allow a little crisis to keep us dependent on him.  The Lord will either calm your storms or calm you while the storm rages. God can turn every sob into a sigh.   Jesus will never allow you to drown in your own tears. 

My sins are under the blood of Jesus.

Breaking Free From Your Past

Ezekiel 18:2, “What do you mean when you use the proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying: ‘The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge’?”

This text refers to the sins of parents affecting their children. The sour grapes may be an abusive father or mother. Maybe your parents didn’t know how to show love. Maybe they were absent or never available to you. Perhaps you could never do well enough for them. Possibly you never received any affection or affirmation. Sour grapes could be alcoholism, drug addiction, anger, negativism, or depression.  These are some of the ways parents who eat sour grapes affect their children.  A good reason to throw a pity party, right?  Wrong!! 

Look at the next verse: Ezekiel 18:3, “As I live,” says the Lord God, “you shall no longer use this proverb in Israel.”   Good news!

No matter who your father or mother is, no matter what their issues were, if Jesus is alive in you, then your parents’ behavior no longer needs to become your stain.  Jesus broke the curse.  YEAH!!!!


So many people are dealing with issues that stem from past incidents of deep rejection, sexual shame, need for approval, never feeling good enough, or lack of self-worth.  Through Christ the pain stops – sin’s progression in your family line is broken.  LET GOD TURN YOUR PAIN INTO PURPOSE.  It’s time to make a difference.

The Secret to Life Transformation

You and I are already a success in the eyes of God.  What is success?  Don’t fall for the world’s faulty definition of success: fame and fortune.  True success is knowing your worth in the eyes of God and using your gifts properly. 

The secret to transformation, “ the renewing of the mind.”  see Roman 12:2.   What you see and believe in your mind, you will live out.  Believe you are victorious.  If you know who you are, and Who has called you, you will be able to endure anything. 

The reason some people are never used by God is that they have never been through anything.  God gets His best sailors from the roughest seas and His fiercest soldiers from the toughest battles.  God can use what you have experienced to bless others.

It is odd how I felt a strong urge today to finish this draft I began long ago.  Now I can see why.  With the topic, discussion a friend brought up today and the two audio clips I shared earlier about how God has not only healed my relationship with my family, but has also healed me from the bondage or chains of my past and my parents’ past sins. 

The enemy fears praying, discerning women!!  They can break his authority over the home, over the family, over the husband, over the children.  When the enemy has lost those battles, he has lost the war!

I have discerned a few things in the past, but was not confident in myself to know whether it was His spirit showing me and guiding me or if it was my own flesh.  Years later in some cases and months later in others, God shows me that I was listening and seeing correctly what he was showing me.  In a few cases he I can see how my lack of self-worth or lack of confidence caused or allowed the situation to worsen because I did not act.  I need to learn to be more bold not timid and confident not allowing my self to think I am not good enough to make a difference.

I will say this, I am becoming more bold and more confident as I learn who I am in HIM.  I have a stronger assurance of who I am as every day passes.  I am becoming more alert to His discernment provided through the Holy Spirit.

{October 20, 2009}   Update on Me and Mine

The nasty cold I got from my son, which took him 4 maybe 5 days to fight. Took me about 2.5 weeks.  Thought I nicked in the bud.  But about 2 to 3 days ago it came back and kicked me in my rear end so to speak.  Broke down and went to see a doctor yesterday having to leave work the last 4.25 hours at no pay.  ouch.  Got a shot and doctor says to stay in bed for 2 to 3 days and eat hot soup and drink warm liquids.  Today is my day off thankfully. 

Last night, Matt did the dishes in the sink.  I was laying down, he wanted to play his WII for a while.  I told him could.  I got up to check on him and he had semi-washed the dishes in the sink and put them in the dishwasher and started it.  Amazing how God shows us His love through others.    He went to bed by 9 pm. 

Today we woke up at 6 am, I was alert and ready.  That shot from yesterday was a huge relief.  Anyway, Got my meds today, taking them like a good little girl. 

Tomorrow I must go to work in spite the doctor’s order.  I have no paid time remaining until I rebuild it.   I can’t afford another 10 shift unpaid.  This past paycheck had 15 hrs unpaid. OUCH.  God is and will get me through this, but geee whiz.  No one really to turn to for help besides God Almighty.

Other then this, ALL IS going OKAY. 

Yes there is.  I am listening to the story of how a friend of mine met her spouse and to hear them interact is so great.  They give hope to a "good or very near perfect marriage". I am not giving up hope.  Thanks Connie. 😀
Still up …. uuaah.. on the pc… I so enjoy getting to catch up with old friends and learn about new ones… but I must get some sleep now.

et cetera