Stay Cool! God Bless

{October 25, 2009}   Online Studies

I am working on the post for Chapter 11 in the book Right People, Right Place, Right Plan ~ The Discerning Man, and will post as soon as possible.  That is if your interested and still following along with this study.  Perhaps is it only for my benefit, perhaps not.  I do realize there was a huge gap in time between chapter 9 and 10.   I feel there was a reason for it.  Honestly if I had posted my first draft, it would have been entirely different then the final version.  Anyway, those of you who know me, know I pray and seek God’s guidance when sharing on this discussion. 

Recently I have posted more unrelated posts.  Posts that share a bit more of who I am and what I am undergoing.  Not sure I will keep doing that on this site because I do want to keep it more closely related to the discussions on the related books I am writing on.  I won’t delete the already posted blogs, but I do have another MSN Live Spaces page for things related to my personal life.  Although when sharing on some of these topics, I can’t help but share how God has worked in my life.  Therefore you will see a side of me other won’t.  If this makes any sense at all. 🙂 

Free hugs out to you on a Sunday afternoon.



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