Stay Cool! God Bless

{February 4, 2010}   2nd Update in 2010
Wow, not sure where to begin.  A lot has gone on in this year and its only begun, I guess my comment about this year being a life moving year was correct.  God has blessed me in some way each day to include today.  I recently flew to Chicago, Illinois and drove back, during this time I realized how the world has changed just a little.  People were very friendly and caring.  My home area has been classified as a disaster area and the crime has risen due to no power for alarms.  Not good. Yesterday power was restore to some and today at my house.  There are so many still with out power.  I still have no job and my health is still not allowing me to work.  I am still alone, but I am at peace and very happy. 
I do believe God is restoring that which the enemy or my own sin has destroyed.  I believe things will be mended and put back together in time.  I know in my heart there is one who will come around to love me and love my boys as his own.   I do not worry about bills, yet at the same time I know I won’t be abandoned.  God’s Word says He will not leave me or foresake me.   He will provide.  I know and believe He will.    I don’t know when or how, but I have hope. 
Hope in providing my boys a good home and showing them how much they mean to me.  God’s love will flow through me to them.  My days are short these days and not much gets done, but I enjoy cooking for my son especially when he eats and wants more.  Cleaning house can be exhausting, but I am managing okay.  Every day is different as to how well I breathe, but my illness is not preventing me from living a good life.  I intend to live out each day by enjoying life, not resting in a bed.
I can’t really blame my situation on anyone, it just is.  I blame myself for catching phenimonia which is why I have lung problems now.  I blame myself for going with friends from OKC to Lawton back in the day to go to a cook out with other friends.   When we drove back to OKC the car flipped numerous times at a high speed now I live with my neck issue because of disks out of place.  SO who is there to blame?  No one.  🙂
We never know how life will end, but I can assure you my goal is to go to my home not of this world.  Where?  Heaven.  I am blessed on a daily basis to have the precious gift of my youngest to share life here in this world.  I miss my oldest and pray over him often. 
My goal for February is not to get caught up in the lack of love and romance in my life.  Rather focus on what I do have and be at peace.

J W says:

Would love to see you more active on Spaces; you are such an interesting person of the highest moral standards. Those of us that love our Creator must stick together and continue spreading His glorious name. Car wreck….bummer. I had mine in 1976 and nearly passed from this life. Yes, His grace is truly amazing.J.W.L.

G says:

Kymm: When I was 18 or 19. Remember when I lost conciousness and didn\’t know who I was.

G says:

J W Leigh: Thank you for you comment. I will try to come online more, but I have had to cut back. Internet is one of those things I cut back on. Today, I am using my cousin\’s daughter\’s laptop to gain access. I AGREE WE MUST ALL STICK TOGETHER as reborn christians and help spread His Word.

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