Stay Cool! God Bless

{February 3, 2013}   Hi everyone. It is 2013, wow…

What happened to 2012. It flew by. 

Recap. I finished my first year of seminary year and now well into my second year of seminary.  Doing great.

Last Year, I got married to Ralph who had been an ordained minister now 33 or more years.  God has entrusted me with a wonderful strong, spiritually strong man.  He encourages my faith and dedication to the Lord. He doesn’t think I am too religious. In fact we agree in putting God first and in our beliefs, desires to grow closer to God, and to give of ourselves to the Father.

My oldest is back in my life with his girlfriend who he wants to make his wife.  I believe they are engaged. He bought her a ring and all.

My youngest is still growing and learning. He is having a hard time fitting in here at school and at church and in understanding human behavior of what is funny verses what is acceptable and from reality verses non-reality.

Pray for us all. Ralph has two kids too, one is grown and married. The other I have gotten to build a relationship with and graduates college this May. Pray the door God has for him will open up to be successful in his career.

I am very happy, and thank God for it.


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