Stay Cool! God Bless

{January 23, 2015}   Looking back

I just returned to my online blog page here. I was looking at some old post.  I noticed my posts from August 2004 to November 2005 were gone.  I remembered that was a difficult time for me.  I remembered that I would allow my emotions to drive my writing and some post were to personal and over burdensome.  I also remembered in 2009 I deleted some post then again more removed in 2010.  I was just reading some of the posts.  In the post on Jan 2006, I make reference to my life’s situation. New readers will not know that reference or what was going on during that time frame without all the post I already removed.  So I am left with a question, Do I remove more, or leave them?

WELL, most intellectual readers will figure out that during this time frame there was a separation.  I can’t really go back and replace them.  Well, I could.  I do have some saved on my backup hard drive, but why?  There is no purpose or reason to go backwards, right!  Maybe if I wrote a book, but honestly, I have allowed myself to forget the pain from that time in my life, why would I want to remember all that, NOPE, I don’t want to do that.  For now, I will leave my old post I currently have from Nov 2005, it keeps my mind and heart in check.  It helps me remember what God has brought me through. I do apologize to my new readers, if you happened to read these old post, my life was very different than. I was younger,  LOL  hahahah.

MY Life today is very different.  I have a wonderful husband and a child still at home that keeps me on my toes.  They both keep me young.

I am working on a new post for an old bible study topic “Right People, Right Place, Right Plan” after I write the draft and proof it, I will publish it in a day or so.

I do hope to reconnect with my old online buddies and make new ones.

God Bless You for reading my post.

Bye for now.


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