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{September 30, 2016}   What a DAY, yesterday was.

What a day we had yesterday. The whole day was a good day
in-spite the incident with deer. It began with a wonderful breakfast at home. We then drove 40 minutes to my Physical Therapy appointment where I am fighting muscle atrophy. After we drove 2 hrs and 40 minutes to go to my pulmonary appointment, we ate lunch on the way at Arby’s. This is where I received a shot of special medication (done every 2 weeks) and met with my Pulmonary Specialist”s Nurse Practitioner (once a month unless there is a problem with my condition). We were there a while.

After, it was time for dinner. Very relaxing with great food for a low cost at Cheddar’s. $27 +tip, not bad. We had to stop once for gas in between appointments. Anyway, after dinner we drove to a few locations just to look around.

We began home fairly early, but it got dark pretty fast on the way. About 20 minutes from home, this HUGE Buck decided to jump into the road. Immediately, Ralph slams on the breaks as soon as he saw the deer. I looked up, my body swung forward, held back by the seat belt, my glasses flew off my face, my cell phone flew onto the dashboard, my body was in the air for just seconds. My arms hit something and legs were held back after my feet were jammed into the floor board under the dash. My left foot, the toes were bent leaving me wondering if my toe was broken. I was numb, in pain, and in shock. Ralph didn’t fly anywhere, just sat there as he tried to slam on the breaks holding the wheel. The car stopped.

I could see the deer with it beautiful horns and stout body. It’s hind side hit center front and the head side hit the left front side. Crushing the body frame, but the under frame may be stronger than expected, we were able to drive it home. Not sure, the hood won’t open. At first Ralph couldn’t open his door. But with his strength, he manage to pry open the door, so he could get out an look before we decided to drive off. He opened it enough to squeeze himself out of the door. The deer took a leap in the air and flipped to the left side of car and than got up and ran off.

We prayed before driving off. It was shortly after I could feel my toe. The pain was still there. After arriving home, Ralph spoke of having a headache and was stiff a little, but no pain. The only mark on him is a blood mark on his left arm where we assume he hit the steering wheel. I took one Tylenol before bed.

This morning Ralph walks as though nothing happened. Me, I am not dizzy anymore and my vision is not blurred anymore, but I am still stiff and sore. We called our insurance, working on estimate etc. turns out our deductible is $500 we don’t have. Yikes!

Thankfully we have Aaron’s old car, which will be Matt’s future first car. Not sure how all this will turn out, but I am not loosing hope. Trusting God for healing and provisions.


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{September 2, 2016}   A little spill about me. ;-)

This year started out wonderful. ¬†With the winter season, I felt as fit as any healthy human being. ¬†I didn’t have to use a nebulizer machine at all. ¬†The machine is something I have to use to take breathing treatments, which are medicines that my doctor wants me to inhale with air. ¬†The air causes painful gases sometimes. ¬†I was glad I didn’t need to use the machine during this time.

Then spring set in. ¬†Oh my gosh! ¬†With out warning, my body took a dive. ¬†I was struggling to interact with others verbally and physically. ¬†During our VBS week, I was limited in my abilities. ¬†I was able to run the sound system, video, and mics. ¬†I couldn’t sing and dance, so the organizers gave me a few helpers. ¬†I was very appreciative of their help. ¬†For those of you who are wondering what VBS stands for, it is an acronym for Vacation Bible School.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, June 14, my body went down. ¬†No movement! ¬†I didn’t have the strength to hold my body up. ¬†Oh that wasn’t the end, my vocal cords weren’t producing a sound, not even a whisper. ¬†I didn’t have enough oxygen in my body. ¬†I was put on oxygen. ¬†In time, I was able to come off of it, but today, Sept 2, I find myself back on it. ¬†Basically caught a cold and my body was struggling. ¬†The oxygen helps the muscles to get the oxygen it needs and my lungs can relax. ¬†I have been on antibiotics now for 5 days. ¬†I think it worked. ¬†I hope I am at the end of this cold. ¬†I wish I could say my severe lung disease was over, but they say this condition will remain the rest of my life. ¬†YUCK! ¬†NOT Happy about that. ¬†BUT What CAN I DO about it except keep praying asking God to heal me.

I feel like Paul, when God tells him, in his weakness, I am strong. ¬†I feel like God tells me that His strength is sufficient and through my weakness, He will prevail. ¬†I can only hope my life brings the Lord the glory He deserves. ¬†I don’t like, not being allowed to work in my field of study. ¬†A few weeks ago, I had a follow up with one of my three specialist, the lungs, and She said to hold off on returning just yet. ¬†To wait until the Xolair gets into my system, to see if that will help improve my body. ¬†Well one month later and 3 shots of Xolair, I have not seen or felt much improvement. ¬†It ¬†could be this summer and rain weather. ¬†All I know, I now have been sent by three doctors to physical therapy rehab at the hospital. ¬†I will be evaluated to determine course of action to regain strength in my body. ¬†Which I think is ironic. ¬†Why ironic? ¬†Because when I was 13 ish, I began working out with aerobics and my first weight system was a DP, red seats and silver metal bars. ¬†I haven’t seen one of those since my early teens. ¬†I have new equipment sitting around, because as my body got weak, I couldn’t use them. ¬†Now, I am being sent to a rehab facility to use their equipment and have guidance. ¬†To teach me how not to over do it. ¬†Because if I work out and over do it, I beat the purpose of stabilizing my lung disease.

Anyway, I have found NEW interests.  Sewing, painting, drawing, crafting, wood working, screen painting , airbrushing, quilting, designing, re-upholstery, and an old, old favorite, audio/video production.  I guess you could say, I am re-finding myself.  I will take you guys with me on my journey.

If you would follow me, I’d appreciate it. ¬†Please comment. ¬†I will do my best to reply promptly.

For now, I will finish here.  I look forward to your encouraging words.

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