Stay Cool! God Bless

{October 7, 2016}   My Miracle- God is good
  In hospital since Oct 5th.  Getting ready to leave.
You are asking what happened, right?  I was at physical therapy when my skin changed color and I became numb on left side of my body, and my body was weak,  I was also disoriented.  I regained feeling but my face was still numb and I could not control the muscles to smile or lift my eyebrows, I was still showing signs of something being wrong. My physical therapist ran and got another colleague who also saw something going on that was not right.  So they wheel chaired me over to the ER.
All I know, I could not feel half of my body and my face was drooping on one side along with my left side being limp and weak.  I was dizzy.
In the ER the symptoms were disappearing slowly.  However, the nurse could still see signs of something going on.  I was able to smile on both sides of my face, with one side the muscle was twitching (jumpy).  So the ER doctor ran a CT scan.  It was clear, but they held me overnight in the hospital for observation.  They were watching closely and wanting me to rest.   The pressure in my head on left side finally subdued that evening, but not gone.
 Even now Oct 7 as I write, I can feel light pressure behind my left eye.  BUT it feels good to know it was not a stroke, nor was it Bell’s Palsy.  The MRI and MRV did not show signs of hypertension.  YEAH!
feeling blessed.

I am going home today. 😀
Tests showed nothing wrong. YEAH. God answered prayers.
However, it does not explain why I had the symptoms everyone saw Wednesday.
The pressure may be due to some glands swollen, maybe be mucus glands. I will be given antibiotics for 7 days to get rid of any possible infection affecting my sinuses. The pressure if caused by sinuses should not have caused the symptoms described by a few hospital employees, so it is being recommended I see a neurologist and an Ophthalmologist (not Optometrist).

I saw an optometrist a couple of weeks ago who detected abnormal blood vessels and concluded high blood pressure causing the vessels to swell and concerned about one that was jagged may burst. It has not, thank the Lord. Issued me a script for bifocals, so I could wear glasses all the time with some built-in reading lens. After insurance, my part was $304, that we did, do not have, so I am using over the counter reading glasses. That could be leading to the pressure issue. They are not sure.

This Ophthalmologist is an Eye M.D. who does more than check vision or issue prescripts for eyewear. Not sure how much more, but soon I will find out. If I can find one with a subspecialty area in neurology, then perhaps I do not have to find a separate neurologist. Not sure.

Praising God I have not Tumor, cysts, or anything of that nature.

I feel Blessed because I prayed asking GOD to remove whatever was causing the problem and Ralph agreed with me in prayer, and guess what. IT IS GONE. I will go to these other one or two doctors, but only to hear them say, “there is nothing wrong” with you. Can’t explain what happened. 😀

NOW if I could think this way in regards to my lungs, refusing to allow doubt in, then I would have perfect health. Ralph spoke Sunday morning about removing doubt which helped me in this situation dealing with my head. May I find the ability to remove doubt in regards to my lungs. I didn’t record Sunday Morning, wish I had. So many out in the world could have benefitted from that sermon. I recorded PM, it was good, also but wasn’t about removing doubt.

You know the pulmonary person who gives treatments, was surprised that I didn’t need any Dual Nebs or Albuterol in between the Pulmicort or Symbicort. I actually went a day without Symbicort. I take the latter two twice a day. I am breathing good, however, I have not been very active. You know, thinking about it makes me focus on the problem rather than the healing. So Changing subject.

Going to work on preparing a video for posting, while I wait for my ride home. Bye FOR now.


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