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{November 24, 2016}   Happy Thanksgiving Everyone 

​Happy Thanksgiving everybody! !!
Praise the Lord I am able to celebrate today with my wonderful husband that God gave me.   So Thankful to God for loving me so much He gave His son, so I may gain enternity. I wait patiently for Christ,  my Lord, to take me home, and as I wait,  I do my best to obey Him and enjoy the people He has put in my life.  IF YOU ARE CONNECTED TO ME ON ANY OF MY ONLINE PROFILES HERE IN FACEBOOK OR ANYWHERE,  THAN YOU ARE SOMEONE GOD HAS BROUGHT TO ME AND I PRAY THE LORD BE WITH YOU TODAY AND THAT YOU WILL KNOW HIS LOVE.  EAT WELL AND BE MERRY.


{November 18, 2016}   small talk, my Alog Nov 18, 2016

{November 18, 2016}   morning thought on prayer

Please listen to this VoiceBo here –


{November 10, 2016}   my Alog : Nov 8. 2016

{November 9, 2016}   My husband’s greeting

Check out @ReverendRPeery’s Tweet:

{November 5, 2016}   my Alog Nov 5, 2016

{November 4, 2016}   my Alog Friday Night: Nov 4, 2016

{November 3, 2016}   The sound booth at church

I decorated it. You like it?   :-Do I do? 

{November 2, 2016}   brief update

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