Stay Cool! God Bless

I am a married mom now, doing her best not to be conformed by this world, but be transformed by Jesus Christ.  A great thing about my husband, he too is doing his best not to be conformed to this world.   He is an ordain minister in the Assemblies of God.

I am living to serve God first, family second according to God’s will not my own.  Without Him, I am nothing.  He is my FOUNDATION!  He is ALL.  He is El Shaddai !!!!

I do believe Jesus lived, died, and has risen (rose from death); He is alive and will return.  I prepare for His return each day, and pray I am ready?

I am wanting to reconnect with my blogger buddies and any of my online friends, family and meet new people online.  I want to share what God is doing in my life, and be available to help anyone out there who has questions about the Word of God or would like to know about Jesus Christ.   I will be happy to share my knowledge and pray with you.

Be in prayer with me about me completing seminary school.   Now, that my body is beginning to gain strength, I see a future for myself.  My husband is a full-time minister.  I  am preaching part time and counsel those that come to me.   I have a year left to be ordained,  but now with the move will need to transfer college credits and find a new location to complete what I started.  I would like a chance to return to my first field I earned degrees for and perhaps further my education in that area at the same time as being a minister myself.   But my husband suggests help the family to start it’s own business because our next church may need us to help it out financially.  Which, we do give to the A/G General, OK A/G OMBF, to our current A/G district tithes, missions, to the churches we visit during our interim, and help people we can that come to us. The church we go to this weekend of June 24 & 25, 2017 has needs in the area of maintenance that requires money.  If God tells my husband to go there permanently, we will need to have another source of income.  Right now we have NO support coming in online or otherwise.   I set aside money from our tax return this year for our vacation we go on next week.   I didn’t know this change was going to happen.  The hotels are paid for and tickets already bought for Disney World, no need to waste all that by not going so, we will go and be blessed by our experience.  Thankfully, most of June bills are paid, there is only one I am concerned about. Only because I have to take money away from our budget for this drive / trip to Arkansas this weekend, 8 hrs 53 min.  But WE trust the Lord to provide.

May the Lord Reign!


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