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Today, June 24, 2017,

I do apologize for my lack of activity.  This past 2 years have been … not sure of the word to use.  But as soon as we get settled into the new location God is taking us, I will be praying for time and things to write and share.  

I am doing great physically.  Since I last wrote, I began taking three shots in the arms at my lung specialist’s office, Dr. Covey.  I began this treatment late August 2016, but prayed asking God to allow them to work.  You don’t know how many times I have heard doctors say, “The medicine isn’t working. Your body isn’t responding.”  But not this, time.  My lungs are getting stronger.  I passed my physical oxygen level test 2 weeks ago.  However, a chromizone is still not working that keeps the lungs clean, but the shots are working to help my body fight off allergens which is one of the major things that causes stuff to build up in the lungs.  This past week, I underwent a sleep oxygen level test, waiting to hear what the results are, but for once, I am not worried what the doctor will say.  I know I passed.  Her nurse practioner told me I can continue to do physical exercise to fight the muscle attrophy that began affecting me this past year.  This is a side effect due to being bed bound for 3 months and the harsh nebulizer treatments I have had this past year and still daily.  The good news, in the last 4 months, I was able to successfully cut the nebulizer treatments in half per doctor’s instructions.  I still have a pretty strong inhaler that has a few ingredients for longer results that I take 2 puffs twice daily.  My husband refers to this as puffer time.

We are on our way to a church to preach, and our car has stopped us.  A transmission sensor gave indication to stop, but the mechanics, one who changed the fluid out and the other who said it could be the sensor needing reset. Not sure why the mechanic who replaced the fluid didn’t reset it.  The second mechanic said to not worry about pulling over to give the car rest as the book stated, to just keep driving.  The car has slowed us down on it’s own forcing us to pull over. We sat awhile.  Then my husband thought we could drive to the next eating place, it drove for a little bit, but when exiting the interstate, aproaching and stopping at the intersection to a local road, the car would not go when gas pedal was pressed.  So there we were sitting on a curb in the middle of an intersection.  I was not bothered by this.  I was typing this post.  The car is cooled off and we are back to driving to a church my husband will be preaching at on Sunday, it was going to an 8 hr 53 min drive before the car began acting up.  I think the sensor needs to be replaced.  I hope it isn’t expendive.  

I tell ya, when the devil attacks, it ain’t good, but Jesus is mightier and through the spirit of the God we will overcome. 

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